Got My Hair Rebonded at Home!

It’s been more than a month since I had my hair rebonded in the comfort of our own home. I kept on putting it off as I can recall how grueling rebonding can be.I have a really thick, coarse long hair, so just imagine how it can be tiring to the staff and how painful it can be to my scalp.

I used to have my hair relaxed at Bench Fix. While I was happy and satisfied with the result, the long hours and the process were really exhausting, plus boredom was eating me up. But of course, it’s worth it and as they say, “no pain, no gain.”

Two years ago, I paid 6k for my hair at Bench Fix. Today, it probably will cost me 1k-2k more. With home service, they charged me P3k for rebond and “1k for hair color.

So just last month, was the first time I gave home service rebonding a try. And I’m really glad I did. The hours they put on my hair was the same as my last hair relax. But this time it’s more convenient. I was also unaware of how long the time has passed by as I was busy surfing the net.

Here are my photos just to give you an idea on how my hair looks like before and after.


Obviously, this is my hair before I got it rebonded. For more than a year, I’ve always kept it pony-tailed and can’t even let it down since I will look like a hag. And now, this one is after the rebond.

Home Service Rebonding

I’m loving my hair now, it is soft, manageable and doesn’t rubberize after I take a bath. It is also convenient for me to maintain, I just shampoo and condition it, easy as pie.

The one who rebonded my hair has a “magaang kamay,” The way he brushed, ironed and treated my hair didn’t hurt that much despite it being “barbie-liked.”

They live around our neighborhood here in Pasig and their clientele reaches up to Bulacan. My only disappointment is that my hair color didn’t turn out as reddish-brown as I wanted it to be but I will still definitely get them again. =)


Toti – 0930-909-5395


  1. Ditas

    Hi Nova! I hope you can post their contact number. I know how painstakingly long it takes to have hair rebonded. i’ve always wished I could do it at home.

    1. do try it sis, now that I’ve experienced it, I’d go for home service as much as possible. Thanks for the suggestion about posting their number, will do =)

  2. ahihi… thanks sis Lorraine, mas lalong humaba ang hair ko =)

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