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Homeschooling with Peniel: Frequently Asked Questions

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy is an educational institution located at Cainta, Rizal. Aside from its regular physical school, it also offers Home Education Program for families who wish to homeschool their children.

As of late, I’ve been reading and answering some questions about homeschooling with Peniel. So in this post, I’ll be compiling those questions and will try to answer them as best as I can.

Is Peniel DepEd accredited?

Yes, Peniel is a DepEd accredited homeschool provider. This means several things:

  • They follow the K-12 program and curriculum prescribed by DepEd.
  • Your child will be provided a Learner’s Reference Number (LRN) or if s/he has one already from a previous school, Peniel will continue on using it.
  • You will be able to transfer your child to any school of your preference if you choose to return to a traditional school.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

Check the admission requirements on their website HERE.

How much is the tuition fee?

Peniel is one of the affordable homeschool providers in the Philippines. For new homeschoolers tuition costs Php 18,500 for A.Y. 2020-2021. They also provide discount for families with more than one kid who will be enrolling.

For old timers, Peniel offers early bird discount as early as November. You could pay for as low as PhP 13,500 and 14,500 depending on how early you register your child. Check the detailed tuition on their site HERE.

How much do the books cost?

Books for kinder 2 costs around Php 2,000, whereas books for grades 1-10 costs PhP 5,000-6,000. Parents, however, are NOT required to purchase the school-issued books.

Alternatively, you can purchase some of their books and find other books of your choice, or you can opt not to purchase from them at all.

But if this is your first time to homeschool, the principal and owner, Ms. Au Villegas, suggested to buy the books so it would be easier for you because the lessons, syllabus, and periodical tests follow the books.

How to enroll at Peniel Home Education Program?

a. Complete the requirements

b. Download the application form from their site HERE. Then, send the accomplished form and Php 200 proof of payment at [email protected] for interview and diagnostics test.

Pre-pandemic, your child can take the diagnostic test at their school or they can email the tests to you if you’re based outside Metro Manila or abroad. For the latter, you will be the one to administer the tests to your child. But due to the current pandemic, tests will be emailed or done online if the school have set it up.

Before the school year begins, they will send you the areas of strength and weaknesses of your child based from the results of his/her exams. If your child fails, you can still enroll with them. But what’s important is to improve your child’s areas of weaknesses.

c. Once the interview is done go to Choose the appropriate grade level then click “Enroll Now”.

d. Fill out the enrolment form and upload the requirements. Wait fornverification in your email. Choose your payment method then attach your proof of payment. Wait for the confirmation that you have enrolled successfully.

Who provides the syllabus and lesson plan?

Peniel provides parents the syllabus. Every beginning of the school year they email a set of syllabus for all subjects. Each subject syllabus is divided into four quarters.

The syllabus follows the topics and chronological order of the school-issued books. Parents are the ones to create the lesson plans. Although it would be easier to just follow the books, it’s still the parents’ prerogative whether to do so or not.

Is Peniel open curriculum?

Parents can use other curriculum in homeschooling their children under Peniel. However, you just need to meet the minimum competencies or requirements prescribed by DepEd.

Can I give the academic lessons for only a few hours each day?

This is definitely doable. Children who are in grade 3 and under are encouraged to do lessons for less than two hours depending on the child’s attention span.

Grade 4 and higher may require longer hours. But the good news is they can do their lessons independently.

Who provides the quizzes and the tests?

Peniel only provides the periodical tests on a quarterly basis. They send these via email a few weeks before each quarter ends.

As for the quizzes, you can use the exercises provided in the book or you can make your own or get from other resources such as the internet and other books, especially if you’re using other curriculum.

Who grades the students, do they have a coach?

Peniel do not have coaches to grade your child. It is the parents who will grade their children. But Peniel will send you a Grading Sheet (excel file) with formatted columns for written works, performance tasks, and periodical tests. As of A.Y 2019-2000 below was the Grading sheet.

  • Written works examples are exercises in the book, quizzes you found from other sources, essays, etc.
  • Performance task examples are board works, dance performance for PE, cooking an egg for HELE, conversing with you about animals for science, drawings/paintings for Arts, etc.
  • Periodical Tests are provided by Peniel which are sent a few weeks before each quarter ends. For minor subjects like MAPEH and computer you can opt not to do the written test and choose to do practical tests instead.

You will just input the grades under the corresponding columns. The excel, through the encoded formula in it, will automatically generate the final grade. Copy the final grade and paste it on the card (Word format) that they will send you.

Are there limits to the number of written works and performance tasks?

There are no minimum and maximum number of written works and performance tasks. But for us we only have two written works for the minor subjects like MAPEH.

What are the requirements do I need to submit to Peniel as a proof of our homeschooling?

Peniel requires homeschooling families to submit a portfolio at the end of the school year. The portfolio is a compilation of the following student’s actual output,

  • Grading Sheets (excel file or print out) and selection of student’s activities for the three (3) Assessments; Written Works, Performance Tasks and Quarterly Exams.
  • Written Works: Samples of the student’s Paper and Pen activities, Essay, Summative Tests, Quizzes, Written Reports, and Book Exercises or notebooks where they put their written activities etc.
  • Performance Tasks: Samples of Projects, Oral Recitations, Practical Activities, board work, computer programs, reporting et. (documented through pictures or videos are accepted).
  • Periodical/Quarterly Tests: Actual Test Papers done by the students

How to make a portfolio?

Basing on how parents have created their portfolios, there are three ways on how to create your child’s portfolio.

First is with a physical binder. Parents would bind the written works, photos of their child’s performance tasks, and the actual quarterly exams. They may choose to organize the documents per quarter or per subject. The binded portfolio is then sent to Peniel. Some parents also send the books that where used and answered by their children.

The second method is through electronic copies saved on USB or CD. Some compiles all the documents in one PDF file, while others through separate folders organized by quarter or by subject. The are also some who made videos and powerpoint presentations.

Due to the pandemic, several parents opted to email the electronic portfolio by attaching the files or via google drive link where they uploaded the portfolio. Here’s what ours look like in google drive:The third method is a blend of physical and electronic copies. They send a compilation of the actual physical written works and quarterly exams together with a USB/CD containing videos/photos/powerpoint of their children’s activities and performance tasks.

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