Homeschool Providers in Philippines

When parents finally decide to homeschool their children, the next thing that they would decide is whether to go independent or go with a Department of Education (Dep-Ed) accredited homeschool provider. And if they go with the latter, the question they ask themselves would be what provider will they choose then?

Parents have different considerations in choosing a provider for their families. Among these are tuition fee, association with religion (sectarian vs non-sectarian), location of the provider, degree of involvement of the provider (e.g., parent coaching, seminars, provider-led activities like field trip), curriculum (open curriculum vs provider-required curriculum), and number of quarterly requirements (e.g., number of quizzes/exam per subject, portfolio, parent meeting/conference), among others.

That seems overwhelming, but parents may prioritize these considerations based on what is most important for them. For instance, other parents prefer a provider that espouses their religious belief, while others consider the budget, still others would want a fewer requirements to submit every quarter. The choice depends on the parents values, lifestyle, and resources.

I will try to discuss each provider through the lens of this criteria, but I won’t promise that I’d be able to cover everything.

*Note: For any corrections, kindly inform me so I can make appropriate revisions.

Homeschool Providers

Catholic Filipino Academy

CFA is the only Pure Catholic Homeschool Provider in the Philippines accredited by DepEd. Founded by the best-selling author and nationwide-known inspirational preacher Bo Sanchez. The tuition fee ranges from 20-25k every school year, with family discounts that varies on the number of your children you’re going to enroll. We are currently enrolled here, so for more information on what it’s like to homeschool with CFA click here.


Location: Obispado de Cubao, Quezon City.

Homeschool Global

Homeschook Global is the merging of previous two providers — VCIS and The Masters Academy (TMA). It is a Christian school founded by the Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) that has been offering a DepEd accredited international homeschool program since 1999. They offer an open curriculum program, wherein parents have the freedom to choose their own curriculum and academic books for their children.

Homeschool Global is actively involved in their partnership with homeschoolers as demonstrated by their five core programs, namely, Learn, Connect, Equip, Shine, and Learning Plus. You may read more about their programs on their website.

They assign a Family Advisor for each enrolled family. These family advisors are considered veterans as they have been homeschooling for many years. Homeschool Global is also holding cooperatives that provide an avenue for children to enrich their creativity and socialize with children of their age. The coop programs assist parents in meeting MAPEH requirements.


Location: 3rd Floor St. Francis Building, Bank Drive, Cor. Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City 1550

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy (PICA)

Peniel is a Christian school located at Cainta, Rizal. They have a program that specifically cater to homeschooling families. Homeschooling children are welcome to join the school’s events such as foundation day. Tuition fee is about 15-20k, depending on your child’s level.

Every beginning of the academic year, the head of Peniel conducts seminars for newbie and old homeschoolers. While there are no assigned parent advisors for each family, they are being accommodated and guided by the school’s head.

Academic requirements such as written exams and portfolios can be delivered to the school. Portfolios can be physical such as folders and notebooks and/or soft copies saved in a flash drive. Parents have the option to submit the school grades/cards at the end of the quarter or at the end of the academic year.


Address:  42 Burgos Street, Vista Verde Executive Village, Cainta 1900, Rizal, Philippines

School of Tomorrow (SOT)

SOT is a Christian homeschool program for kindergarten to high school levels that has been provided by the United States-based organization Accelerated Christian Education since 1970. It makes use of the latest computer technology in providing an individualized education with a strong religious background.

Victory Elijah School Systems (VESS)

A DEP-ED recognized school that offers homeschooling from COMPLETE ELEMENTARY (Grade 1 to Grade 6)COMPETE SECONDARY (1st yr. to 4th yr.). Fee is very affordable, the cheapest in the country. It provides training for homeschooling mothers, students and facilitators. For inquiries please call the following numbers: 6325460046 /6324701639/ 6322500064/ 09299577245 or visit at L10B2 Rose Street, Lourdes Subdivision, Mambugan, Antipolo or email

[email protected]

Harvest Christian School International

Is an international Christian School of Cebu City, Philippines offering DepEd accredited international and national homeschool and distance learning programs from Elementary to High School. Website:

Angelicum College Homeschool Program

Angelicum College has adopted the Department of Education-NCR HSP in 1996, extending education to youth and adults who cannot be physically present in learning environments, which also include cases of those suffering chronic illnesses, those who are employed, or are already married, and even those who have exceeded the normal schooling age but need to complete their secondary education.

Homeschool of Asia Pacific

Homeschool of Asia Pacific (HAP) offers stress-free homeschool programs by the International Academy of Asia Pacific which currently has students from Philippines, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Which provider do I recommend?

If you ask me what provider I recommend, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer that. The criteria I mentioned above is highly influenced by our values, priorities, and resources. Despite zeroing in on your provider, know that no homeschooling provider is perfect, each comes with their strengths and weaknesses. What matters is you choose the provider that resonates well with your family’s values, lifestyle, and priorities.

Hope this helps and good luck!


  1. thanks for the info. This would be a great help.. I am looking forward to homeschooling my 4 toddlers, well aside from the initial benefits, I would like to save some!! sending four to a normal private school will cost me a lot!..:)

    visit me should you have time and meet my kids!

    1. Hi joan!

      Thank you for dropping by my site. Yes, home schooling has lots of benefits aside from financial savings, LOL! I’ve already opened your blog and saw your beautiful kids! =)

    2. Paulette

      Hi! How much po ang down payment ng highschool sa Catholic Filipino Academy? 🙂

      1. Hi Paulette,

        Sorry I don’t know their present rate, maybe you can try to inquire to them through their contact details above. 🙂

  2. Kathy

    hi would you know any homeschool provider which offers college education that is affordable? its for my house maid. thank you

    1. Hi Kathy, it’s nice of you to provide education for your maid. You may try UP’s open university. I don’t what other universities that offer this kind of program, but you can search it on the web. Or you may also want to try Angelicum College’s homeschool program.=)

  3. elmer

    we are seriously considering homeschooling our daughters for several reasons..but the main reason is that my daughters educational journey from pre school to grade 2 has been an emotional roller coaster and she just could not take it…in pre school she got discriminated because of religion ( we are catholics) during her grade 1 she got bullied and the school didnt mind it and now in her grade 2 she got first honor in her class but the president announced the closure of the school’s gradeschool operation “surprisingly” during his closing remarks on the school’s recognition day…so now, im seriously considering homeshcooling..but the problem is im from cebu city…

    1. Hi Elmer, I guess bullying inevitably happens to some kids. And what your child experienced, being discriminated because she is a catholic is quite surprising and saddening. I’m wondering what type of school does your daughter go to? That’s one of the reasons why I want to home school my daughter, to avoid bullies while she is still in her childhood years. I can never know how it would affect her should it happen.

      I don’t know if your location should be a concern, but why don’t you try contacting some home school providers and see if your case is possible. Actually I will be enrolling my daughter in Catholic Filipino Academy.

  4. michelle

    Hi! This site is very informative. I am considering homeschool for my 5 year old kid. Would you know any school in alabang that offer homeschool for upcoming kindergarden. Tnx a lot!

  5. Pamela G. Opeña

    Hi! are there homeschooling for kids with autism? sped schools are so expensive. thank you.

    1. Hi Ms. Pamela,

      I’m sorry, I don’t know any school for kids with autism. You may want to check out this blog:

  6. Elizabeth Jasso

    Hi Ms. Cruz how are you doin? I am looking for a teacher that will provide home school for my nephew in bulacan, he is 14 years old leave with his grandma. His very smart he can speak fluent English but he have a minor autism.
    I hope you can help me find one.
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Hi Ms. Elizabeth, maybe you could try checking out Maybe they know someone who could teach your nephew.

  7. Maribel

    May I ask if you happened to know How much is the tuition in HAP? I check their site but I cannot find the schedule of fee?


    1. Hi Ms. Maribel,

      I’m sorry I have no idea on their tuition fee.

  8. Andrea

    Thanks for the informative infos. Btw, is it okay if you will email me your preferred home school? I am also considering home schooling my daughter. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Andrea, we’ll be choosing Catholic Filipino Academy for my daughter. 🙂

  9. Aida Soriano

    Hi everyone!

    My 2 kids will start homeschooling (CFC) this June. They are in Gr5 and Gr2. Also, I have a son with autism, at age 9.The family is very excited about this new arrangement and we are very hopeful that somehow it could also help our special kid since he will be “saling pusa” while his siblings are studying at home.

    1. Hi Aida,

      I’m sure you will have a wonderful experience homeschooling your kids. I myself am excited for my daughter too, but she’s only two! LOL! But I’m looking forward to it. Have a fruitful and blissful homeschooling journey!

  10. Aida Soriano

    Hi again!

    Thanks, Nova, for this blog. I hope to know more about homeschooling..

    By the way, sorry for the typographical error in my previous comment. It should’ve been Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA), not CFC. Just a little excited, I think. 🙂

    1. LOL! That’s ok, at first I thought, CFC? Couples for Christ? hehehe 😀

  11. Mika

    Hi, I just wanna ask if it’s possible that I can get to to homeschool even if I am not in the Philippines? I’m here in US. I was 3rd year highschool when I left Philippines. I want to continue my 4th year in highschool and planning to homeschool myself. Are there any homeschool that offers that kind of case? And I graduate from homeschool and wants to transfer from a university in the PH, is that allowed? Particularly in csb? Where can I pick up my diploma? I want a private or catholic homeschool. I need your help. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Mika, I think it’s best if you contact the homeschool providers you’re interested in, they can answer your queries about your concerns. 🙂

  12. Rowena

    Hi!!! Ms. Nova I’m a mother of 4kids and I want to know about this homeschooling can you please help me were living here in UAE thanks in advance and God Bless…..

    1. Hi Ms. Rowena,

      There are different homeschooling providers that you could choose from the list above, as for us, we’re going to choose Filipino Catholic Academy for my little one. Every homeschool provider has their own rules/regulations/procedures (on applications and admissions), so I think it is best that you do your own research for the provider that will be best for your kids and inquire regarding their procedures. Once your kids got admitted, you’re going to enroll at that particular homeschool provider. I just don’t know about the materials (books), maybe they can deliver it to your home in UAE. I hope this helps.

  13. emmanueL borja

    may aLam po ba kayong HS home based sch. Located at batngas City??

    1. Hi, yung mga list lang sa post na ito ang alam ko.

  14. Dovie Siega

    Hi Madam,

    Recently we are in Uganda, east Africa. I have 4 kids . And I wanted to inquire how can I avail homeschooling ages 4 and 10 years old.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ms. Dovie,

      Please do inquire on your preferred homeschool providers. They’ll be able to answer all your queries regarding homeschooling your kids.

  15. Crissy

    Hi Ms. Nova. I am thinking of homeschooling my kid. How is your experience and your daughter’s experience been so far with homeschooling? How much is the registration and tuition fee too. Please email me your reply. I badly need an insight and an opinion. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Lenith Senora

      Hi Ms. Nova!Greetings to you and your readers! I’m Lenith N. Senora, a Masteral student at the UP College of Home Economics. I’m currently writing a thesis entitled “Challenges and Factors Affecting the Adjustment of Selected Grade School Pupils from Home School to Regular School Learning”. Aside from being a student, I’m also a School Administrator at Active Thinkers Child Development Center, a full pre school center for children ages 1.6 to 6 years old. It is my goal to someday offer a home school program in my center that will cater to the holistic development of pre school children.
      I need respondents, students (7-13 yo) who used to home school and are now studying in regular school. i will greatly appreciate it if you can refer someone to me.
      it is hoped that in the end, this study will open doors of knowledge and opportunities to parents and educators in determining and developing programs or structures that will benefit the home schooled child.
      Thank you very much and I do hope to hear from you. My contact numbers are : 0917 5251095, 0932 8451152, 506-4422, 221-9153.

      1. Hi Teacher Lenith,

        I’m sure your thesis will be very helpful to parents who are homeschooling and are planning to homeschool their kids. Maybe you could try to contact Nikki Yokingco of CFA at 725-9999 loc 111 or 09165205838 or through this link, she’s currently their admin maybe she can help you . I wish you all the best in your research, hope I could have a copy of it someday 🙂 God bless!

  16. Clarisse

    hi! thanks for this post. i was looking for homeschooling options for my kids. though i may have to send my eldest to a special ed class (he as asd), i want to reinforce his education with homeschooling when the time comes. i also want to homeschool my bunso. with some major changes coming to my place of work, i am taking it as a sign that, yes, i can just go into a small business and homeschool my kids (i have always told myself i’ll homeschool my little one – kahit pa noong time na wala pa akong anak. talk about planning in advance!). looking forward to more posts about your own experiences with homeschooling.

  17. Robby

    May 2 years course po ba sa angelicum college?

    1. Hi Robby, I don’t have any idea about it, better inquire at Angelicum 🙂

  18. maricris

    Kung magaaral puba ko ng 4th year at pa homeschool makaka graduate puba ko? at pede mag aral sa universities sa college ma ke-credit puba ung mga grades ko ng homeschool sa hs? kahit pa homeschool lang?

  19. marily cruz

    Hi po! Yung daughter ko po gusto ko ienroll sa homeschool kasi nanghihinayang ako sa time na nawala sa kanya. May petition kasi sila from her father papuntang us kaya di na sila pinaenroll nitong schoolyear. Kaso til now po wala pa din result. Sana po may makatulong sakin. Thank you

  20. She Kim

    Hi.. I am at the middle of mindless…. I have a daughter, she is 3.4 yr old now…. No plans to enrol her this year but somebody is telling me that I need to enroll her this year because of the K-12. Am I bad mother?

    1. Hi She Kim,

      I don’t think that makes you a bad mother, and besides your child is only 3 years old, let her learn through play and exploring. As for the K-12 program, enrollment for preschool starts at 4 years old, and that is optional based from (see image here).

      My daughter just turned 3, and we bought Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA) reading program. I tried a few times to engage her, but she’s not that interested yet, and she’s more into play, so I just played with her instead. There were times when I incorporated some reading lessons during our playtime. But for now, we’re more invested in playing and singing. As for the reading, we just read books together to develop her love for reading, and not necessarily to teach her to read.

      Hope that helps! =)

  21. nitz camama

    hi, im looking for a home school with an office near imus cavite. im planning to enroll my gr 2 son in homeschooling since we are having a problem with the present school. about quality education. can u help me find one. gnx so much

  22. Wade White

    I am seeking information from parents who have used Home School of Asia Pacific. How well did your student adapt to the new home school program? Thank you.

  23. joy anuat

    i would like to inquire regarding the home schooling for elementary i am seriously considering to get it for my son coz he was being bullied in the school because of our religion (mormon) also he is not comfortable going to school everyday. please send me the details and also i would like to very much talk to you regarding this matter. thank ou and hope to hear form you

    1. The Family Woman

      Hi Joy,

      Sorry for the late reply. I do not work for any homeschooling providers, but I am a homeschooling mom myself. I understand your desire to home school your son because he’s being bullied in school. I suggest that you contact any providers listed on this blog article. Thank you and God bless!

  24. FE Cada

    I have been looking for an accredited homeschool in the Philippines since we plan to move back for good. My son 14 y/o will be sophomore on 2016-2017 school year, my daughter 12 y/o will be 8th grader on the same year and my youngest 5 y/o is entering kinder. The last school day here in California would be May or June while the school starts in the PI is also June. School starts here on August, so if we will move on December this year to give them time to adjust before the regular school year starts, I would like them homeschool to finish the lessons that they missed. Based on the above lists which one would you recommend that best suit their situation?

    1. Nova

      Hi Fe,

      Is your primary concern about the timing of your child’s enrollment? I’m not sure what homeschooling providers that accepts enrollees anytime of the year.

  25. Jei cruz

    Hi Nova!

    My wife is currently in Saudi Arabia. In her contract includes family accommodation. So, our daughter (3.5 y/o) and I are going to follow her in a couple of months time. This information you’ve posted really helps since we’ve contacted the DepEd through their contact us link numerous times, but we got no reply. Just would want to ask if you happen to know if the schools mentioned allow homeschooling even if the child is overseas? Thanks.

  26. Jei cruz

    Hi! Thanks for the information! The DepEd contact us link seems to be loopy. We’ve sent numerous inquiries but got no reply. Just want to ask if you happen to know, will the schools mentioned allow the program even if the child is abroad specifically in Saudi Arabia? Thanks! Cheers!

    1. Nova

      Hi Jei,

      As far as I know, some homeschooling providers do partner with families based abroad. Our provider, Catholic Filipino Academy does this. But do check with your preferred homeschooling provider.

  27. Jeng

    Great post Nova,

    Did you know that New Era University of Diliman Quezon City is also offering Homeschooling Program, I hope it will be on your updated Homeschooling provider list also, here are the official details –
    Accepting Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School
    ADMISSION is done through e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
    (+632) 906-6327 (Direct Line); Mobile No: +63-917-315-7531

    1. Nova

      Hi Jheng,

      Thank you for the info. I will add this up on the list.
      For the mean time, I’ll publish your comment.

      Thanks again!

  28. Ara Torres

    Hi! I just want to know if there is Psychology in Angelicum College? Thank you!

    1. Nova

      Hi Ara, oh I’m not sure. Better to inquire directly to them. Good luck!

  29. Amor Arlene Mapula

    Hello gud day! I just would like to ask if i can avail of the homeschooling program even if i am outside manila area? Im from mindanao and i really want to enroll my son in homestudy that possible for me?

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