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Homeschooling and the pursuit of passion and creativity

Every homeschooling family has their reasons for home educating their children. And for us, one of our primary reasons is that homeschooling provide our child the freedom to express and pursue her passion and creativity. I want this to be our gift to her.

I believe that knowing her passion and where her creative energy lies will enable her to know who she is and will provide her a ticket to a more fulfilling adult life. Because let’s face it, there are many people in their adulthood — whether they’re in their young, middle, or late stage — don’t know what to do with their lives. Hence, the dissatisfaction and unfillfilment when they’re not living in their full potential.

In our family, Yesha and I would only have our lesson for only 2-3 hours in a day. And on some days, I leaver her to her own devices when she’s busy doing her crafts.In all of her activities — animating, illustrating, writing stories, and handcrafting — Yesha looses herself in her flow; and while she’s in the flow, she’s on her bliss. She spends a lot of time and energy completing her self-initiated projects. I bet that she won’t be able to do this when she’s in a traditional school.

In a traditional setting, she would have to be in school for 5-8 hours everyday. And when at home, she needs to accomplish her assignments, do her projects, study for exams and quizzes. This will leave her with almost no time to explore her passion and talents.In addition, I think that if she’s in a traditional school, she will be expected to conform with the norm or to the school’s culture and standards. Thus, she wouldn’t be able to discover early on her uniqueness and individuality.

Recently, these are the activities that occupy most of her time:


Yesha has learned to create an animation on her own — without any assistance from us. She looked for an app that will enable her to create an animation. In one work she has done, she created an animation consisting of 92 photos! I was so amazed at her determination, independence, and hard work she displayed on this one. She worked on this for two whole days.

Picture Story Books

Yesha has done several illustrated books with her own drawings and own stories. She devoted a lot of time, imagination, and creativity in doing these.


Another thing that Yesha loves to do is doing handcrafts. Inspired by Youtube channels about arts and crafts, she has done several hanster mazes, houses, and diy toys.

When Yesha grows to be an adult, she will probably be not a part of corporate world — a world that resembles the life in school. Instead, like us and the family generation that precedes us, she will most likely pursue an enterpreneur or a self-employed life. And in this type of life, nobody will tell tell her what to do and how to do it. Her work and all that she will do will all be self-initiated projects, one that will require passion and creativity, just like what she’s presently doing. This is why homeschooling is the best form of education that fits our family goal and dream for Yesha.