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Homeschooling with Catholic Filipino Academy

Our first school year in Catholic Filipino Academy is almost over. Just last month, the pre-school department has held their end-of-the-school-year assesment to their students. And thank God! Yesha passed their evaluation and she is now ready to move up to Kinder 2. Unfortunately, some students are required to have their re-assessments at the end of the summer.

Now the question is: will we enroll here again next year?

Of course! The CFA has been like our trusted partner in our homeschooling journey. We`re actually satisfied with our partnership with them. For those of you who are wondering what it’s like to partner with CFA, this is what our homeschooling with CFA has been:

1. At the beginning of the school year, CFA has given us a module. It contains the quarterly lessons that we are suggested to teach; weekly chart where we write our lesson plans and observations; and quarterly goals and reflections. Since Yesha is still in Kinder 1 we went for unstructured homeschooling, which has been more like unschooling. Hence, I wasn`t able to maximize the module that they`ve given us. We were not required to fill it out, but the quarterly goals and reflections are required to submit to our parent coaches.

2. Yes we have parent coaches assigned to our year level who guide us whenever we have homeschooling concerns. We meet with them every end of the quarter to discuss our homeschooling journey for that specific quarter. This is also the time when we showcase our lessons and activities by presenting to them our reports such as developmental and character reports, and portfolio, which is a compilation of worksheets and photos of our activities. For parents who are outside Metro Manila and based abroad, parents confenrece is done via Skype and documented are submitted online.

3. We have monthly events like Family anointing (June), Linggo ng Wika, Angel and Saints Parade (November) Christmas Party (December), Mini-Fair (February), and Graduation/Recognition Day (April).

4. We have different clubs to choose from like Ballet, Arts Club, Karate, Theater, Music, and several others. The club meetings are held every Friday at the building where CFA is located.

5. As I`ve mentioned above,  we have our yearly assessments where students are evaluated if they are qualified to move up to the next level.

6. CFA homeschooling parents would organize field trips for the little ones. Non-CFAers are also welcome to join in these activities. This year we had our trips to Quezon City Fire and Police Department, St. Pancritius Church, Farm, PAF, and Planetarium/Luneta. The CFA itself has also organized a trip to Kidzania last December.

7. We were also given seminars like Lesson Plan Making, Singaporian Math training, and Parents Recollection.

That seems jam-packed, but it isn`t really. The activities are spread throughout the year, which won`t stress your family. Plus, most of the activities are not required by CFA. Their only requirement is for parents to attend the parents conference and meet the quarterly requirements which I mentioned on number two.

If you are interested to partner with CFA and would like to know more about it, you could attend their Family Discovery Seminar which they give during the summer. You may get in touch with them by emailing Mommy Jen Bellosillo at [email protected]

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