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Housekeeping Therapy

I’m the type of person who focuses on the destination rather than the one who enjoys the journey. When I embark on a certain activity or endeavor, I wanted to finish it immediately or see the results as soon as I can.

One example would be my graduate study. I started last 2013 and I am itching to finish it by 2016 at the latest. In fact there was even a time during my advisement when I asked my adviser to approve my taking of four subjects or 12 units of coursework. In graduate school that’s a killer. And I was eager to undergo that just to be done with it. Then my adviser told me: “Hindi tayo nagmamadali, hinay hinay lang.”

Another very simple example would be when Yesha and I were solving a maze. Can you imagine, I was trying to look where’s the next path would be and I even looked at the end goal instead of focusing on our pen’s current path.

I am like that, from major to menial task – except for the activities I love like reading, counseling, conversing. I even had a difficulty in writing a post since I was focusing on the end result already. I want to know the beginning, the body, and the end of my article before I write, which is difficult to do. Later on I realized that writing is a process, you just let your mind take its course while you’re writing.

They say: Focus on the journey and not on the destination. Now what does housekeeping got to do with this?

I actually use it as my training to focus on the journey: focusing on the process of washing the dishes instead of itching to get all the dishes all done; focusing on folding the laundry one by one instead of growing impatient to clear the baskets out; focusing on the way the broom sweeps the floor instead of itching to see the floor shiny.

It’s not easy. I still catch a voice inside me saying: “ang dami pa…” or “skip it, do it later.” So I need a large dose of patience, a virtue that I am lacking, and of course self-control.

This housekeeping therapy, if I would be succesful with it, will help me develop patience, will enable me to focus on the journey, and most importantly will make me mindful of the present.

So… wish me success!

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