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How I choose novels to read

I love reading novels. I can transcend myself through time and space. I can experience another life by living vicariously through the characters in the story. And most of all,  I get to learn more about life and human nature.

But in the end, after relishing the whole story, comes another question: “What am I gonna read next?” This question would make me hunt again for a new novel to bury myself into.

Readers, like me, have different styles of choosing a novel to read. Some would read a synopsis at the back, and if they like it they’re on it. Others would base on the first page. If they find themselves engrossed immediately, then that would seal the deal. Still others would base on the ratings of the book. If it’s high enough for their standards, then that would be it. And I belong to this last group.

I would first usually refer to Amazon to check out for novels and their corresponding ratings. Doing this has never failed me, except for only one book that I really couldn’t bring myself to finish. And then if I couldn’t find any there, I would go to my second reference, which is a thread in Girltalk forum titled “Rate the last book you’ve read.”

Another thing that I do is to read most, if not all, of the novels of a certain author that I like. I’ve read Nicholas Sparks, Amy Harmon, Mia Sheridan. I also like other historical writers such as Laura Hillenbrand, Sue Monk. But their books are quite limited, probably because the researches they put into writing take a lot of time already.

I’m not the type who reads the synopsis. “Surprise me” is what I want to tell the novel before leaping on it. So I’m totally clueless of what the new novel in my hand is all about. I trust enough the ratings, hoping it wouldn’t fail me. And most often than not, it doesn’t.

So now, a few days after reading a story about an abolistionist in the era of American slavery, I’m in a hunt again. And yes, I’m looking for ratings. But for now I’m looking into another book by Amy Harmon and Mariana Zapata, two authors I’ve read before.

“Surprise me.”

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