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How to like homemaking

I’m no Martha Stewart fan, in fact, I’m not a fan of any other homemaking icons. That’s because I’m no enthusiast for home making, ask my mom and she will strongly attest to that. When I was single, household chores is the last thing I wanted to do. I buried myself with books just so I can avoid any chore that my mom would want me to do.

I have always thought that I would become a career woman. Never in the furthest recesses of my imagination did it occur to me, that I would be a full time home maker! So now here I am, devising strategies and finding motivations to become an effective home maker.

So how does someone like me can learn to like home making?


Accept the fact that in life, not wanting to do things doesn’t give you the ticket to never do it. 

Responsibility means ability to respond to your duties and that includes pleasurable and not so pleasurable duties. If I can choose to, I won’t change my baby’s diaper because it’s so monotonous, repetitive and unrewarding. But I can’t. That’s because of love.

I love my baby that I can’t let her suffer from discomfort and UTI. So lazy that I am, I still go wash her butt and pepe and put on a clean and new diaper. The same goes with home making, I can choose to be neglectful and selfish, but I don’t want to. I don’t want my family suffer from a disordered and disorganized home. And that’s because of love.

Accompany yourself with your favorite music or radio program.

There are some mindless and monotonous activities that bore me to death and I find home making to be one of my top lists. So whenever I fly around the house or work on our kitchen, I always wear my ear phone and lace my mobile phone around my neck and listen to my preferred FM radio programs.

Every morning and in between of the day I listen to Monster Radio and every night to Papa Jack of Love Radio. Other wives preferred listening to audio books. I’ve tried that one too, listened to TED talks, watched movies while washing the dishes but it didn’t all work out. I ended up not understanding anything at all.

FM radios have worked for me since they don’t require serious or heavy attention. Not only does it entertain me but it also hype me up. So now, I am equating my household chores time to Monster Radio time or Papa Jack time.


Award yourself with your favorite me-time activity

Sometimes it’s easy to fall in a pity game, wherein home making leaves you feeling like a maid and your emotional energy is draining out. But hey, it need not happen to anyone. You just need to do loving acts to yourself from time to time.

Whether it’s a weekly spa or a date with friends or simply a good read, is up to you. For me, it’s reading novels or books, writing in my journal and watching a good movie. These are my favorite solitary activities which are effective in recharging myself and making myself feel loved.


I’m no domestic goddess and I don’t know if I’ll ever gonna be. But it really doesn’t matter at all, what matters is seeing my hubby and baby thriving in a comfortable and orderly home. Home making may not be fun for all of us, but it sure is a labor of love for the important people in our lives.


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