Huling Hirit sa Tag-init

Hubby’s paternal clan has a tradition of swimming outing every summer. For the past five years, we always had it around May at Club Manila East. But this year, not only did we move it to first week of June, we also went to a different resort.

My parents-in-law went to US the whole month of May, that’s why the swimming was moved to a different date. I’m not sure though why we didn’t go to Club Manila East this time, I was looking forward pa naman to frolicking with Yesha on the kiddie pool and beach waves.

We had our swimming at Cattleya Resort in Antipolo, Rizal. I didn’t plan to swim at first, I didn’t even brought swimming wears with me (KJ lang). But watching Yesha and hubby having a great time, nainggit ako bigla. I didn’t have an idea that hubby noticed it until he asked me: Ano bili tayo ng pang swimming mo? (That was so sweet and considerate of him, na-touched talaga ko dito). So I said yes right away he might change his mind, hehe. Kaya ayun, Napabili kami ng wala sa oras :p So relieved we were near some supermarket.

I had a great time at the pool! I didn’t know how to swim, but right there and then, I got motivated to be taught by hubby, and I learned breathing and floating. I was so happy that I wanted to continue the lessons this year, hoping to really learn swimming.

It was also a joy watching Yesha enjoy the pool. She used to be scared of salbabida, but when it’s time to go home, she refused to part with it and get up on the pool. She couldn’t get over it that even after several days she kept on asking us when we can go back again. Good thing that two weeks after, she has forgotten about it and has stopped asking us to swim again.


And that’s our late summer story 🙂


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