“I don’t need a man” is like a mantra

I saw an image quote yesterday that says, “the smartest thing that a woman can learn is to never need a man.” I forgot the exact quote, but something to that effect.

It’s good that there were several feminist men and women who disagreed with the quote. One woman called to stop gender-hate statements and negativity, that she herself doesn’t want to even hear statements such as “men never need women.”

In a similar vein, a man who identified himself as a woman advocate would fee hurt if ever his wife, daughters, and nieces would tell him that they don’t need him in their lives.

Personally, I guess the phrase “I don’t need a man” is like a mantra for those women who, deep in their hearts, yearn for an emotionally fulfilling relationship with a man. Or I guess it could also be coming from those women who really hate men due to their abusive relationships in the past, whether with an parental figure or a romantic partner.

I’ve actually encountered this belief from magazines and internet articles, coming from both celebrities and common women. While I agree that subconsciously anxious women don’t need a man to find happiness and fulfillment in life, I don’t agree that they play bully (or watchamacallit) by downplaying the roles of the opposite gender.

I have likened this statement to a mantra out of personal experience. Whenever my heart yearns or worries for that something that I couldn’t have yet, I would keep on saying a mantra which says “the goal of my life is to be with God forever, God who loves me, gave me life.” And that will help me focus on what matters.

That said, it’s like the belief “I don’t need a man” is coping mechanism. If that works for them in pacifying their longings or putting band-aid on their wounds, then so be it. But the thing is, when these strong statements are put out there for everyone to see, it would not be well-received. That is because it doesn’t resonate with everybody.

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