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I unfollowed everyone on Facebook

For a few years now, I have refrained myself from checking my Facebook newsfeed. I have a few reasons for that. First and foremost is that, there’s this green-eyed monster in me that lurks its ugly head whenever I see some people who possess what I don’t have. When that happens, there’s this tendency in me to compare myself with others. Hence, I forget to be joyful and grateful on the blessings that God has given me. Instead, I tend to focus on things that I don’t have. And to me, that’s not good. As Roosevelt said, “comparison is a thief of joy.”

Second, I personally know some people who seem to paint an image of themselves, which I couldn’t see in their lives. I won’t elaborate on this anymore. And third, I prefer finding out my friends’ recent happenings through chats or personal conversations. For instance, when they say in person that they’ve been to this place, I’d be amazed real-time and ask how was it. We have a topic to converse about. But then, that’s just me. Maybe I’m just weird.

So anyway, a friend of Ebet and I shared with us that he unfollowed everyone on Facebook. Of course there are other activities on FB which anyone can do aside from scrolling down the newsfeed wall. And that’s where I got the idea of unfollowing all my FB friends.

Afterwards, I looked for inspirational pages and people to like and follow. In doing so, I learned new things and get inspired by some posts and status. Checking my newsfeed has become an added resource for me to live mindfully — from caring of my relationships to understanding my personality type. I asked myself why I haven’t discovered and followed them early on. Those pages are such gems.

Of course, it’s not for everyone and they have their own reasons. As I told you, I’m just weird this way. But if you’re like me who pretty much abandoned your Facebook newsfeed for same reasons as I have, you can also try what I did: unfollow everyone and select inspiring and informative pages.

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