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I’m not big on occasions, but maybe I could do better

I’ve encountered a lot of women who were morose whenever their husbands forget special dates. The men seem to be oblivious to occasions that they don’t exert any effort to be extra thoughtful or sweet to their wives.

Though I’m not the type of person who makes a big deal of dates, I try to understand this group of women. This is their love language. They feel loved and cherished receiving gestures of affection.

I, on the other hand, has no penchant for doing anything special on any event, no matter how simple the effort may be – be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, or my birthday. There was a time when hubby and I almost forgot that it was our anniversary. And we just laughed at our quirks. Good thing we’re on the same page.

But there were times when I think I’m being boring. As the lady of the house, why couldn’t I make an effort to lead my family to celebrate these meaningful dates – particularly the wedding anniversary, mother’s day and my birthday? Katamaran ko lang talaga.

A celebration could be just expressing gratitude. We could pray at the church as a family, or better yet attend a mass for that day. It’s a way of giving thanks to God for the gift of another year in my life, for another year of joyful and harmonious marriage, and for another year of the gift of motherhood. Can I do that? Can I lead my family to do these?

These events, they’re not about me feeling special, but it’s about God – the Giver of these Gifts that I should celebrate it for. It’s for Him that I should dedicate these special occasions, because if it’s not for Him, I wouldn’t be able to experience the joy of motherhood, marriage, and of life.

So with God’s grace, I hope I’d do better next time. I want to make a tradition for my family. And I could begin with expression of gratitude on these special days.

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