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I’m not lazy or messy, I just live inside my head too much

For other people, a cluttered surrounding affects their minds by making them stressed. But for me, it’s the other way around. A stressed mind causes my surrounding to be cluttered. Our living quarter then is a reflection of the state of my mind.

My mind is stressed when I’m analyzing a situation. This happens when I’m answering posts in forum, figuring out a problem of a client, or understanding myself when I’m not emotionally okay.

My mind also gets busy when I’m faced with a challenge that’s beyond my ability. One example is my postgraduate thesis. When I’m gearing towards a draft submission, I’d really neglect my chores since all my energy are spent on fulfilling my requirement.

But then when all is cleared and done, and my mind became calm, that’s when I realized that the clutters and the dirty dishes have already piled up. That’s because when my mind is stressed, I fail to notice my surrounding. It’s like I don’t see the piling clutters at all. I really have a knack for ignoring messes.

I may sound like I’m making an excuse, but really, this is just an observation of what’s happening to me. I’ve been tagged as lazy, but it doesn’t apply in other areas of my life.

So I learned to just accept this tendency of mine as it’s difficult to change my nature, and maybe nurture for that matter. But then, I also got to adjust since it’s important to have an orderly home.

If I want to maintain a tidy and orderly living quarter, I must begin by clearing up my mind. I need not frequently engage in discussions or debate online. Although they are stimulating, my mind really take me somewhere. Hence, I need to moderate what my mind engages in. That includes minimizing the use of online forums and other stimulating websites that will have me thinking for a few hours.

As for the other working of my mind, I guess it can’t be helped. That’s where my contribution to society also lies.


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