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I’m Trying to Embrace A Life Of Writing

I envy people who loves to write, like they need it as much as they need to breathe. Although there is an inevitable writer’s block from time to time, I think that they find writing a pleasurable activity which is in contrary to what I feel about it. In graduate school where paperworks is the norm, I would grit my teeth whenever I have to complete written projects. I just don’t enjoy it.

But like reading, I would like writing to be my daily habit as well. It was only last year when I decided to read for no less than an hour. And now that I got an invitation to write on RCWFI’s magazine, and as I speculate about my blog, the necessity to establish this habit was reinforced.

I’ve been writing on a diary ever since I started having a crush in gradeschool, but it’s not a daily thing. I would just write occasionally – when I’m happy, sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, pressured. Writing has been more of an intervention to regulate my emotions. But realizing that the goal of writing can be way more than that, I have to do something.

Now that I’m currently tied in our house, wearing hats of a full time mom and home maker, the only outreach and ministry that I can do is to write on my blog. Yes, my biggest frustration right now is not being active as I used to in my organizations and ministries. As I write this, I suddenly thought of Rizal. His only weapon for revolution was just his pen. His patriotic writings and his invaluable contributions in our country’s freedom have earned him the title of Philippine’s National Hero. He gallantly and successfully pursued his advocacy through his pen and paper.

Now at this digital age, where there is freedom of expression, and where blogs are easily accessible, I might as well take advantage of it. Not that I want to be as prominent as Rizal, as if that’s possible. I just want to share my life journey, and more importantly, I want to share my marriage advocacy and further my personal ministry. But before I could do that, I have to cultivate a habit of writing. I’m not sure if I will be successful with this new decision but it’s worth trying.

Why Write?

As I think about it, aside from bolstering my personal ministry, writing could benefit me a lot. When I write regularly, I would be able to hone my writing skills and probably develop a love for writing eventually. On the side, it will also be helpful to me as I prepare for my comprehensive exam in Ateneo – it’s all essays, ugh!

Writing would also help me crystallize my thoughts. It could help me clear my mind from all the internal dialogues I have. Oh yes, we all have internal dialogues. I hope I would have a clearer mind when I write everyday.

To whom am I writing for?

With my blog, I would have to ask: to whom am I writing for? Well, with my Marriage articles, the articles which are being read frequently, my audience are married people who are either seeking help on their marriage or who are just wanting to improve their relationships. With these psychoeducational articles, crystallizing my thoughts is not enough. I have to research and read what marriage experts say. The same goes with my Parenting and Self-growth sections.

With my Diary, I don’t know. Maybe the audience are some random mommies who got interested in my life. And I’m sure their number is too few, or even negligible. So I’m going to write for myself. I’m going to document every beautiful and not-so beautiful things that will happen in my ordinary life – knowing that it could be a treasure several months from now. And that’s where crystallizing my thoughts comes in.

So there, there, there. As I decide to write as frequently as I can, my goals are to improve my writing skill, crystallize my thoughts, and most of all further this blog’s ministry. And my audience would be other wives and moms, and of course myself.

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