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Indulging myself with The Voice Philippines

I’ve always wished I had a beautiful voice, but too bad I wasn’t gifted with it. I should have tried attending voice lesson back when I was young. But even then, the teacher might get her stress of a lifetime.

I think I’m hopeless with singing: I always skip lines, I inadvertently make up my own lyrics, I sing in a wrong tone. So I’m not exaggerating about stressing my teacher. But no worries, I’ve long accepted it. And my husband too, it’s part of the package deal when he married me.

But despite my singing disabilities, or rather, due to my singing disabilities, I really appreciate and enjoy watching gifted singers perform. Even during the Mass at the Feast, I got transfixed to the choir.

So when I had my first taste of The Voice Philippines Season 2, I never stopped watching. I got hooked! We don’t have antenna or cable tv at home, so I rely on youtube to indulge myself every weekend. And one of my favorites last season won — Jayson Dy!!!

So now that the Kids Season 2 has begun its blind audition, I found myself hooked again, checking youtube for the latest uploads every week. Hahay. So who’s my bet? I don’t know yet. But I guess Leah has the strongest team, I guess…

Apart from enjoying The Voice performances, I also enjoy watching the coaches’ reactions. I am entertained at Leah’s reactions whenever she delights with what she’s hearing: the way her facial expression goes when she’s relishing the song, the way she grooves to an upbeat performance, and even the way she brags at times. I also get amused with Bamboo whenever he dithers about punching the button, when he moves his hands as if playing an instrument, and when he makes himself focus. Like Leah, I also find him expressive and animated. Sarah, on the other hand, seems restrained, or maybe she’s just mahinhin. But in fairness to her, she can be funny at times. Too bad, Apple is not on this season. He sure adds to the color and fun.

So who’s gonna win? Let’s see!


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