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Insect Bite

My poor little girl got an insect bite on her right eye. It’s been three days since I noticed the red swelling on her eyelid. At first I thought it was a kuliti (stye), but then I doubted it since there was no swollen part on the upper eyelashes.

Still, we headed to our pedia yesterday to have it checked up. She confirmed that it’s either an ant bite or a cockroach bite (yikes! I hope it’s the former).


Then our pedia prescribed Allerzet. She instructed us to give 4ml of it to Yesha every night. She further said that if the swelling did not thin out overnight, we should medicate her with cefalexin in conjunction with Allerzet, as it might get infected.

Good thing that as of this moment, Yesha’s eye condition is improving, which means that we don’t need to give her antibiotic anymore.

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