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Is Biogesic Safe For Pregnant Women?

Is Biogesic safe for pregnant women? This is one question of expecting mothers as they look for a pain-relieving medicine.

1You need not worry, according to experts, Paracetamol or more commonly known here as Biogesic is safe for pregnant women as this is the safest painkiller to use during pregnancy. But they still recommend pregnant women to consult their health care provider before taking it.

2They further said that Biogesic or its generic name Paracetamol is filed as a Category A medication for pregnant women. It means that a large number of pregnant women of childbearing age have taken medicines under the Category A without an increased frequency of malformations or other harmful effects on the developing baby.

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Recommended dose of Biogesic 

2The recommended dose of paracetamol for pain relief is 1-2 500 mg tablets every three to four hours, with a maximum of eight tablets in 24 hours.

Take some extra precaution and don’t use it and rely on it everyday

3There was a study carried out by researchers at King’s College London, who interviewed more than 9,000 pregnant mothers, asking them about their painkiller use.

Those who took paracetamol or aspirin most days or even daily were described as “frequent” users. But only 1% of them used this to that extent.

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The researchers suggested that, in high doses, one of the chemicals produced when paracetamol is broken down can be toxic to the liver and kidney.

Animal studies have also suggested that very high doses could damage the airways, although there is no direct evidence that this chemical could cause harm to the developing lungs of the fetus.


The authors of the paper said that there was no link between wheeze and more moderate use of paracetamol during pregnancy, and that it was still the safest of all the most popular types of painkiller.

However, they cautioned against more frequent use.

Dr John Harvey, from the British Thoracic Society, echoed this.

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He said: “This is one of the first studies to show a link between paracetamol use in late pregnancy and wheezing in early childhood.

“Further research is needed in this area – particularly into dosage and frequency of paracetamol use – and should be fast-tracked.

“Nevertheless, we would recommend caution to pregnant women taking paracetamol and advise them to consult their GP if they are worried.”



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