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It’s Ok Manny :)

I wasn’t really watching the Pacqiuao-Mayweather fight, but moments ago I’ve heard shouting, and I was pretty sure it was all about this fight of the century.

Now the game is over, the decision has been made. And all around me is a complete silence. I feel a bit sad, but not surprised really.

A few days ago I asked my husband and brother about Mayweather, if Filipinos should be worried about him. Ok, I admit, I’m quite ignorant about sports.

So anyways, hubs said he’s good with the technicals, gaining almost all his wins from unanimous decisions, to which my brother agreed. So hearing this from them, I’m not surprised with the turnout of the event.

This is what sport is all about, someone wins and someone loses.

But as for Manny, oh he’s an inspiration, and he will always be. The hardwork he put, the heart he poured, the faith he held – he’s indeed worthy of respect and admiration. I’m proud of you Manny! You’ve always made Philippines proud 🙂



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