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I’ve stopped displaying abubots

A few years ago, two of the challenges that housekeeping presented to me were cleaning and dusting. That’s because of the abubots I displayed on our kitchen counter top, shelves, and cabinet tops. Sometimes, I didn’t even get around to cleaning it because I was already overwhelmed and tired looking at those things. Instead of these displays doing its purpose to beautify our home and give me joy, they just stressed me  and served as dust collectors. But that was few years ago, my view on displaying items has definitely changed.

When I discovered minimalism, I learned to limit my displays to one to three items per flat surface. Examples of flat surfaces are  center tables, counter tops, and cabinet tops. I immediately applied what I learned and started to donate the figurines we have in our house. So this was what our shelf looked like before:

See all those stuff behind my husband? And this is our shelf now.


Pardon the uppermost shelf, my husband claimed ownership of that space. That’s where he displays the different beers of different countries that he collected. Even if I wanted to protest, I guess shelf-sharing is still a part of compromise in marriage, huh! The plastic containers on the lowest shelf are called modules, but that’s another topic for another post.

Now this is our kitchen counter top…


But of course, it is inevitable that these flat surfaces get cluttered up from time to time. For instance, my husband would put his coffee maker paraphernalia on the kitchen counter and my daughter would put her drawing materials on the buffet table. But thankfully, almost all of the things in our house has their own places. Thus, it’s easy for our house to go back and forth from messy to orderly by just putting back the cluttered items into their proper places.

Although limiting our displays looks boring, there are three advantages that I am enjoying in doing this. First, it’s relaxing to the eyes, as there are no other abubots competing for our visual perception. Second, it brings me joy, as I am only displaying things that I like or I find meaningful. And third, without a doubt, they are easy to clean. If you’re a lazy housekeeper like me, you will absolutely like this.

So there, thanks to minimalistic homemaking for making housekeeping bearable and manageable.


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