Kanto Freestyle: The Fine Dining Way

Last Thursday, after our dance practice for kuya Albert’s wedding, he offered to treat us dinner at the “kanto.” I thought it was just nearby that’s why we gladly accepted it.

So we had a convoy from sis Kim’s house at San Pedro, Laguna. Hubby and I were wondering why was the ride taking longer than expected. It was already late, I was already sleepy and our baby was with us. We thought to ourselves that we should have gone home instead.

But hubby said, it’s a treat anyways and for sure the restaurant is worth blogging. So there was I, looking forward to where our dinner will be.

But when their car stopped at the front of carinderia, hubby and I got disappointed as we were expecting a little fancier than that. So we alighted the car and feigned interest for a dinner treat.

Don’t get us wrong, both hubby and I are cheapos, and we eat at any food resto’s or carinderia’s. I was just expecting something different, something unique, something worth blogging as hubby put it.

As I looked around, I saw a picture frame which displayed a newspaper article about their food store. And that’s then my interest started to arise.


We found out that their business concept is serving gourmet food in a carinderia ambience. Coooool, what a unique concept it is. And hubby wasn’t wrong after all.

Garlic Chicken for 70php


Pampanga Tocino for 60php


Batangas Beef Tapa for 60php


Iced Coffee for 30php


Mixed Berry Pancake for 90php





 Another cool and interesting thing about this carinderia is how their chef wears a professional chef uniform. I don’t know if it’s always the case, but during our dinner here, this cook was wearing one.


We finished  and enjoyed our food to our heart’s content. Hubby was right all along, the carinderia where we just had our dinner is really worth blogging. So if you happen to be around Mandaluyong, you should try it here. 

The downside is, they only have three tables here, other customers even wait for their turn. But still, it’s a new experience. You can make a takeout or have it delivered to you. 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview , 0550 Mandaluyong, Philippines


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  1. mark

    masarap yung food, lahat ng menu , kaso nakakadismaya kc may mga kasama ko na kaibigan dinala ko para makakain, sobrang tagal ng serving almost 1hr and ung mga nagluluto ang dumi ng mga soot pati yung kusina, most ng order namin wala tulad ng fried oreo… to the owner sana you can work this out sayang kc, the food is great but the staffs and service is so poor.. please work on this…

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