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Kidzoona Robinsons Galleria

For the second time, we went to Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria. During our first visit I didn’t expect it to be that expansive. It was a weekday; and there were only few people, which emphasized Kidzoona’s size.


But during our second visit, a Sunday at that, the area was packed with people – kids together with their guardians. We were having a second thought wether we will pursue it or not. But Yesha, despite her sleepiness, wanted to go. I guess she didn’t care at all about the frenzied crowd.


Before I proceed to what I like about this place, I’ll start off with something for you to note before you go there.


Firstly, for a play area with such a size, we expected that it would have its own kiddie bathroom. But to our disappointment, they have none, so we had to run two blocks away to get to the bathroom when Yesha wanted to pee. I heard one mother as she was complaining to the staff as to why they didn’t have a bathroom inside. So the next time we went there, we saw to it that Yesha relieved herself before entering the area.

The other thing that we dislike about it is that they don’t offer a rate for unlimited time. The longest hour they offer is only for three hours worth 400 php, which was what we took. You could extend of course, but with an additional fee.

And lastly, which is connected to our second rant is that the kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times as indicated in their rule. This explained our pagtataka as to why they didn’t have nametags for the kids, how would they know whose parents to contact should the child need them. This particular houserule defeated our purpose which is to have a couple time while Yesha busily played her way. But then, we managed to squeezed a few minutes for our dinner alone.

After our meal together, I hurried off to Kidzoona to accompany Yesha.


Now let’s go to what I like about the place. For starters, I wanted to say first that I love that they have comfy couches where parents could relax while children busily go out of their own way. I stayed here for a while to read, but then decided to follow and watch Yesha stealthily.

They have this spiral slide which Yesha has been looking forward to for days.It has a bridge at the back. Apparently this was the first thing she tried the moment she entered the area.

Around this slide was filled with balls you have to plow your way to get to the other side.


Next to this is the gigantic yellow slide. I guess this is where Yesha spent most of her time. Funny thing is, she didn’t slid down on the slides, but she bounced down on the stairs like a boo boo doll. Not sure if it’s allowed though, but she wasn’t approached by any staff.


Kidzoona also has this long, rectangular trampoline where kids could bounce, run, and tumble.


The perimeter of the place were lined up by play stores like ice-cream store, bakery, restaurant, and supermarket, among others.


Despite my longer rants than raves we have about Kidzoona, it seemed that Yesha has enjoyed it more here than the other playareas we have tried. So we decided that we will keep on coming here whenever we happen to be in Robinsons Galleria.

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