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Had So Much Fun and Learning at the LOJ Counseling Seminar

Around us are different people experiencing different problems in life. Some are hurt, confused and in need of counsel. What better way to reach out to them than give our pair of ears to listen and a compassionate heart to care for them. And last May 18 and 19, eleven more people heeded to the call in helping tend the flock.

For three years, I’ve been meaning to attend the Light Of Jesus Basic Counseling seminar but never got to join one because of conflicting priorities and schedules. And finally this year, I was able to participate in the seminar with the other brothers and sisters.

Sis Ditas Espanol – the Directress of LOJ Counseling Center – facilitated the program together with the other volunteers. I really admire the counseling skills she possesses and wish that I would develop those in myself. When she demonstrated her counseling prowess in our small group, I could really say that she’s a natural at what she does and is truly a pro. Someday, I hope I’d be like her too.

During the seminar we had lectures, activities and workshops. I learned a lot of counseling techniques from those activities, and these  I know will surely equip us in helping our fellow men carry their heavy loads. I also met wonderful people who intend to serve through the counseling center.

The Light Of Jesus (LOJ) Counseling Center may not have a great number of volunteer counselors, but a selfless caring for one soul at a time can really change people’s lives. The eleven of us may not all be eligible to be part of the ministry, but the learning that we gained will surely serve the people surrounding us.

Those two days were rich with great learning and self-less servants. Before I end this sharing of mine, I would like to leave you with a quote that struck me: “Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is just passing the time. But a vision with action can help change lives.”


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  1. Jowie M. Ricohermoso

    I want to ask on how to become a part of LOJ marriage counselors? what are the requirements of this? I’m willing to attend the seminars and other activities.. My number is 09228743746 or 09198730337..

    Many thanks…

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