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List of things you need to buy for newborn baby

Around seven months of my pregnancy I began to slowly complete the essential items for a newborn baby. I bought most of the items online while the toiletries were from grocery. All in all I spent around 6k PHP excluding toiletries. I really took it as a challenge to spend as minimum as I can.

Here is an editable checklist that you can download and print. Meanwhile, here is the checklist for newborn essential with prices of some items:

mittens & booties (6 pairs) — 120php
going out socks (3 pairs) — 120php
NB tie sides sleeveless (6pcs)– 190php
NB tie sides w sleeves (6pcs)–190php
NB pyjama (6pcs) — 180php
NB shorts (6pcs) — 190php
going out onesies (3 pcs) — 240php
Curity Lampin (2 dozens) — 320php

*Most moms advise against investing too much on newborn’s apparel since the babies will just easily outgrow it. Babies will only be able to use it for about 2-3 months and you will need to buy new sets of clothes again.

*I bought the Lucky CJ brand online from Shopee. The fabric and the sew lines are of good quality for me. Lucky CJ items are a lot cheaper when you buy them at Baclaran. If you still have the energy to go there, you could get a really good bargain. But as for me, I just want to shop from the comfort of my own home.

breastfeeding pillow (1 pc) — 320php
haaka milk catcher**
breastfeeding bra (2pcs) –240php
breastfeeding pad
Feeding bottles**
40z and 6oz bottles**
Bottle brush**

**I haven’t bought these items yet since I plan to exclusively breastfeed our second baby.


receiving blanket (muslin/carters)– 160php
baby pillow (with hole)– 160php
1 crib set (bolster pair, pillow, mattress)–315php

cotton balls
container for cotton ball
container for water
cotton buds for pusod
Alcohol 70% isopropyll
Bath tub
Bath tub net
Changing mat (1 for house, 1 for baby bag)
Mamypoko (NB size good for 2 weeks, 5 pcs/day)
Receiving towel (bath time)
baby oil
Bulb syringe (nasal aspirator)
Baby nail cutter
Rash cream

Maternity pads
Betadine feminine wash
Post Partum Girdle (For CS wound and/or loose belly skin)

Travel bag (Baoneo) — 595php
Carrier (old)
Crib (old)
Stroller (old)
Bed lamp (old)
Baby cabinet (old)

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