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LOJ-Pastoral Care Center Christmas Party

It was a simple yet very intimate and funfilled christmas party for the Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center. The event was held at Cardona Room, Valle Verde Country Club, attended by 25 LOJ volunteer counselors.


The program was initiated by reflective songs led by Sis Gladys. Followed by a heartwarming opening remarks given by Sister Ditas, where she asked us to hug/express gratitude/offer a peace offering to everyone inside the room.

After that, several parlor games where given to us by sis Kaye. One of it is to build a tower out of match sticks. The team who gets to build the highest tower will be the winner.

We were totally clueless at first on how to build a tower using just the matchsticks; until I thought of piling the sticks in stack. Yet unfortunately, we didn’t won as one group had a higher tower, with the same technique that we did.


     our matchstick tower

Oh, I haven’t mentioned that we had a theme. Yes we have it. And it’s Hollywood. So we were asked to dress in a costume of any famous movie character of our choice.

Killjoy as I am, I couldn’t think of anyone, but sis Baby kept on telling me to do Rose of Titanic. Nyeeh! Where will I get a dress like hers. Plus I’m not the type who exerts extra effort on putting on costumes. Unlike some of my co-counselors who were remarkable and went all the way to embody the movie characters of their choice.



Those who had costumes were asked to deliver a line from the movie. It was also a part of the party’s contest. And the winner for Best Performance and Best in Costume were none other else than Ate Guy and St. John the Baptist respectively.


The whole program lasted for three hours. It was ended by Bro Vic’s funny and touching closing remarks.

I really had fun during our christmas party. Bro Vic interspersed the program with his natural punchlines that got us all laughing out loud. I actually almost didn’t make it to our event, but I’m so glad I was able to come, lest I will miss this fun-filled christmas party.


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