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McDonalds Party Packages Philippines

I am also considering McDonalds for Yesha’s second birthday party. As I was reading reviews, I found out that it’s cheaper here compared to Jollibee birthday parties. Right now I’m considering these two options.


Party Food Packages Price Estimates

Party Package 1: Php139++
McSpaghetti Happy Meal (with toy), Regular Fries, Hot Fudge Sundae and Drinks

Party Package 2: Php152++
1-pc Chicken McDo with rice Happy Meal (with toy), Regular Fries, Hot Fudge Sundae and Drinks


Party Package 3: Php 166++ 
McSpaghetti Happy Meal (with toy), Burger McDo, Regular Fries, Hot Fudge Sundae and Drinks
Party Package 4: Php161++
1-pc Chicken McDo with Spaghetti Value Meal, Regular Fries, Hot Fudge Sundae and Drinks


Party Themes


Ronald and the Gang Party Fee: 2000php


Toy Story Party Fee: 3000php


Disney Princesses Party Fee: 3000php


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Fee: 3000php


Party  Fees

For Ronald and the gang theme the fee is 2000php and for the rest of the themes the fee is 3000php.

The party fee is only good for 1.5 hours and for 30 kids. It’s kinda short for a party so what other moms do is reserve for 2 slots so that they can have a total of three hours.

As for some branches they allow a one hour extension to what you have reserved. So you have to check it with your preferred Mcdonald branch.

If you will bring your own party needs, they won’t deduct it from the party fee. It’s sort of a package already.

The food is not yet included in the party fee. So on top of it, you need to pick a food package for your guests.


  • Exclusive use of party room
  • Full hosting
  • 30 Invitation Cards
  • 30 Party Name Hats
  • Traymats
  • Balloons
  • Party games and prizes
  • Themed giveaways
  • Gift to celebrant 
  • Character appearance


How To Choose A McDonalds Restaurant for your kid’s birthday?

1. Make sure that they can accommodate the number of your guests at your preferred time.

2. Ask for their house rules.

Are you allowed to have your own party theme? Can they extend the time for free like other branches do? Are you allowed to bring your own cake and serve it to your guests right there and then? Can you bring your own balloon party decorations? Can you hire an outside host?

If you want to have a fully customized party favors, it is better to confirm it to your chosen branch. Some McDonald branches are lenient but some are strict on their house rules.

Granted that you are allowed to customize your child’s Mcdonalds birthday party, you still have to pay their party fee which cause 2000php or 3000php depending on the theme.

3. Ask for a quote

Some branches are company owned and some are franchised. Company owned Mcdonalds restaurants are cheaper than the franchised ones.

4. Confirm if your chosen mascot is available


Oh and just so you know, every McDonalds branch render different quality services. There are some delighted moms but there are also unsatisfied moms. You may do your best in preparing for your child’s birthday, sometimes, glitches are inevitable. But what’s most important is the happiness of your child.
Good luck with your preparation! =)


  1. Cyrene Micah Laureta

    my nephew wants a bey blade theme.. 🙂

    1. Hi Cyrene! thanks for dropping by! Hope your chosen mcdonalds branch allows it =)

  2. reoh

    hi ! pwde po ba sa christening celebration at mccdo?

  3. myla fe cortes

    Hi!im myla fe,im planning to throw a kiddie party at mcdonalds for my baby boy who is turning1 ds coming july18.
    I jz wanna ask if wat mcdonalds branches that accepts party services here in cagayan de oro city.

    1. Hi Myla, I think the best thing for you to do is ask the nearest Mcdonalds branch in your area. =)

  4. I always see Mcdonalds for the kiddie parties . I think we should try the Mcdonalds not always Jollibee. Thank you for this post. Now I have an idea on the budget.

  5. abegaele gahoy

    hello there! im planning to celebrate my sons birthday and i want to know total expenses which is good for 30 or 50 pax,. thanks

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