Me and my family at Subic

Hubby has been very busy lately that he is falling short with his family time. Stressing on our business plus attending a series of seminars are filling his schedules for the past four months. I was actually fussing about it, but thankfully he decided to have a 4-day vacation at Subic last week as a short break from his duties, which was our first vacation where it’s just the three of us – hubby, me, and Yesha.

Our trip was physically tiring but emotionally filling. Anyway, it’s our second time to go here as a family. The first one was when Yesha was a little over a year. Now that she’s five, she already enjoyed and appreciated our tours more. At the ocean adventure, she was squealing at the dolphin’s tricks and was very excited with close encounters with the dolphin and sea lion. Oh, and Yesha was immensely in love with water. She swam at the hotel’s resort and swam for six hours at the Camayan Beach.

So here are some of our photos.

At the Zoobic Safari

One of things I love in zoos are petting and feeding the animals. I won’t forget this big and gentle camel.


owl zoobic-1

At the Ocean Adventure

I so enjoyed their shows. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole show of Velasco brothers as I watched their nerve wracking acrobatic stunts. I guess I forgot to breathe for 20 minutes just watching them.

A mere picture with a dolphin cost us 1k already, but hubby said, we were paying for an experience to be near the dolphin. And we touched the dolphin, it felt like a plastic toy under our palm. It’s smooth and rubbery to the touch.


seaolionl zoobic-1

Camayan Beach

We spent our whole afternoon here, from 1pm to 7pm. It was not peak season, so there were not a lot of  people at the beach.


Yesha and I played with a sand for a while.

camayan beach

Then at 4pm, we decided to do kayak for one hour. While we were away from the shore, surrounded by mountains, cradled by the sea, and sheltered by the blue sky, I played some worships song to add an impact to our kayak experience. My, my spirit really soared. I was in a worship mode.

camayan beach kayak

After the Camayan Beach, we headed straight to the famous Meat Plus and ordered steaks. We were actually debating whether to go there or go to the hotel because Yesha was already fast asleep. Thankfully, they have couches in the resto. We laid her down while hubby and I enjoyed out dinner to our heart’s content.

Funtastic Park

The next day, we went to Funtastic Park. The mirror maze and the dark room were really cool, we huddled closely as we groped our way out of the rooms. There were also photo areas where you can pose and snap  your pictures.


Then there’s the garden maze. Argh! It was a hard one, so don’t underestimate it. We couldn’t stay long to figure our way out as the sun was scorching hot and there is more to our itinerary. Good thing manong helped us out.


Also, this grass slide was ultimately fun. I became a kid once again.


El Kabayo Stables

After the Funtastic Park, we went to El Kabayo Stables. The initial plan was to avail their one hour forest trail going to El Kabayo Falls. But the weather wasn’t that friendly so we settled for a 30-minuted leisure ride. I thought we will just ride in the open field, but I was wrong. We still trailed inside the forest for half an hour. Good thing!

el kabayo-1

We finished at around 5pm. We decided to return to SBMA and do some strolling. And for the second time, we ate at Coco Lime. Oh I so enjoyed the food there! We ordered seafood kare kare, crunchy binagoongan, and chicen sisig. The best!


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