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“Mommy, Daddy has a brain too?”

Yesha was doing pretend reading on the bed when she noticed me alone with my thoughts. Curiously, she asked me, “Mommy, what are you doing?”

“I’m thinking,” I replied.

“What are you thinking?” She questioned back.

“I’m thinking about your brain.” I said as a matter of factly.

“You’re thinking about my brain?”

“Yes, I’m thinking about your brain.”

Well, I was not exactly thinking about her brain, but I was really thinking about the parts of the brain that are in charge when a person is reading.

I actually researched about it but the studies were done with adults and not with children who are just learning to read. And that was exactly what I was thinking about.

I quickly figured to turn this simple mommy-daugther conversation into a simple anatomy lesson. And so I resumed our conversation telling her, “you have a brain, I have a brain, all people have brain too.”

Amazed at a new discovery, she then asked me, “Mommy, daddy has a brain too?”

“Yes, daddy has a brain too. Come on, let’s watch a video song about brains.”

And so right away, I looked for a video song about brain which she grew fond of watching. And just like that, we were able to have a quick lesson on Science. And now she knows that we all have a brain – including her daddy.


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