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Mommy-Wifey Caring Group

Last year, I created two women groups in Facebook, one for wives who are reading Fascinating Womanhood and the other for moms who are actively blogging. And last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting four wonderful ladies from these groups. Roxi of Mr. Jacob’s Mom, Apple of Apple’s World, Hazel and Mel.

Actually there were nine ladies who confirmed on our agreed date, but unfortunately four of them did not make it due to some work-related reasons. But that’s okay, since we agreed to make our caring group meeting twice a month.

We followed the group discussion pattern from my caring groups at my catholic community. We started with a prayer, read an article for our sharing, answered the reflection questions individually and end it with a prayer. You might think how simple and short our little program is, but the truth is our sharing lasted for two hours and it’s still bitin, LOL!

After our caring meeting had ended, I feel really refreshed. I have been to a couple of caring groups already but this one has given me a different feeling. I don’t know why, but what I could think of is because we’re on the same age bracket, we’re all mommies or wifeys, in short we can really relate to each other as far as family life is concerned.

Most of us have no social life outside the boundary of our home and offices. And this caring group is like a fresh breath of air, no wonder it was that refreshing.

I actually enjoy caring groups than a normal EB meet ups. Because in caring group everyone gets to talk about her self, her life and her experiences. What I like about every discussion is that it has depth, that you get to know every person on a deeper level and most of all there is acceptance in the group.

I know that most of us shared the same enjoyment after the two hour sharing and we’re all looking forward to the next meeting. And I’m glad that more moms are joining the group. Weee! Can’t wait for the next meeting and meet new mommies!


  1. Kim

    Inggit! I really need to set aside one night for the caring group. Hopefully I can make it in the next meeting. *crossing fingers*

    1. Hope you can make it Kim… para we can meet in person na 🙂

  2. It’s ok mommy krisna, there are no doctrines included in it naman…hehe… we all have the same God 🙂 There are two mommies who aren’t catholic din… 🙂 I’m excited to meet you!

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