It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was in a pretty good and jovial mood. I was waiting in our living room for hubby to go down and join me for our breakfast. He went down moments after.

And upon seeing him, I dashed toward him, hugged him, and said: “Sorry kagabi, natulugan ulit kita. Sobrang antok ko talaga.” I said apologetically and coyly. “What if we go to motmot para makabawi ako.” I suggested. I slept on him for three nights already, and wala pa kaming ‘aksyon’ for several days already. I just wanted to make it up with him and make bawi.

But just as hubby was about to respond, the little girl wrapped her arms around my thighs, chortling. “Motmot,” she playfully said as if she was syllabizing a funny sound.

Uh-oh. Somebody heard me.

How could I be so careless. I totally forgot that Yesha was with us. For a moment, hubby and I fell silent; we were lost for words; we didn’t know what to react.

“Motmot,” Yesha chortled again, totally amused with a newly heard word.

And instantly, as if with a flash of creativity, hubby diverted, “It’s mokmok, short for lamok. Mosquito.”

“Mokmok?” Yesha repeated.

“Yes, mokmok, lamokmok.”

“Mokimok,” yesha chuckled again with besument.

Phew! Thank goodness hubby was able to change motmot. We wouldn’t want Yesha to say motmot over and over with her lolo and lola.

And that was how our Sunday morning began yesterday 🙂

The….. end….


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