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Musings and Preparations of a Future Mom

Time speeds so fast. I still have my vivid childhood memory with me. It’s just like yesterday I’m playing with my baby doll, Avon Mae. And tomorrow, in my arms will be baby Yesha, my own flesh and blood. And Avon Mae will be hers already.

Avon Mae 16 y/o plus. My father bought this for me.
I’m exactly on my 35th week and I’m already having bouts of Braxton-Hicks contraction. After two weeks Yesha will be on her full term and anytime beyond that we will be seeing each other. Now the thought of motherhood and big changes are beginning to overwhelm me. Lots of questions are starting to plague me. Am I ready to be a mom? What kind of mother will I be? Will I instantly fall in love with Yesha the moment I lay my eyes on her? What kind of personality will she have? Will she look like me, or her dad or some other relatives? All those questions which I will be able to answer when she’s here already.
As for the other preparations, me and her dad have already piled her things in her cabinet: her dresses, her toys, diapers, feeding bottles and all the essentials. Thanks to our relatives abroad for the Tommee Tippee, Beco Baby Carrier and Fischer Price toys.Haven’t bought a ring sling and toiletries yet. And we’re still thinking if we’ll be buying a stroller, hmmm…
 We really like Yesha’s Sanyang cabinet, it’s budget and functionality  perfect. 
I even made Yesha a DIY breastfeeding pillow, so it will be convenient for both of us when it’s nursing time. Will be making another one also, next time will be a sponge bob pillow. I got the pattern and instructions HEREby the way.

I already downloaded lots of nursery and children’s songs,Disney, Psalty’s praise and worship and evenPambatangFilipino-Tagalong songs.

And for the books that will help us to care for Yesha, I only bought two. I think these are enough since there are lots of resources available in the net.

As for the remaining weeks, I will be physically preparing myself for the approaching labor and childbirth. Still praying for God’s guidance. I can say that I have enjoyed my pregnancy a lot; researching of baby products, studying about childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding and not but not the least shopping!  I haven’t even notice how time passed by. I really thank God for giving me a healthy and easy pregnancy and most specially for giving me a very understanding and supportive husband.

Have a Happy Pregnancy!



  1. Wow! Congratulations Nova! I’m sure you’re very excited to see Yesha already. 🙂 The cabinet is really nice, I might get Kelly one as well. This post reminded me that I should start buying some stuff as well. So far, we only bought a stroller. I should also try that do-it-yourself breastfeeding pillow.

  2. Thanks sis Kim! =) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy =)

  3. i also have dr. sears’ the baby book! very very handy. do load up on classical and mozart stuff. studies say it makes a smarter baby too 😉

  4. yep! we already have a collection of classical music, and I let yesha listen to it while still in my tummy =D

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