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My 2012 Review

“Celebrating blessings and small victories”

Every year, before it ends, I always make it a point to look back on the past 12 months. Whether to count my blessings, measure my growth or celebrate small achievements, I do it for self-reflection to know where I am in my life.

This year 2012, I haven’t accomplished that much. Probably because I wasn’t able to write down my goals in the first place.

I started this year with only three goals in mind. And those are to have regular date with hubby, to teach Yesha and have 2-4 domestic and international travels. 

So before 2013 comes, I’ll make sure to write my goals and to daily review it. 

So here goes my review for the year 2012.

On Wife-hood

I can say that my weekly dates with hubby this year has totally improved compared to last year when Yesha was less than a year old.

After she turned one last April 15, we are able to leave her to her grannies while I and hubby date each other. It doesn’t really matter if we eat at an expensive restaurant or at a nearby fast food. What’s important is we spend time alone with each other.

Sometimes we talk about ourselves, sometimes about Yesha, about our friends and even about the strange couple across our table.

This is also the year where we had an important discovery that has greatly explained the past, which will affect our future and will be a part of our life. We both accepted it. (Seems like there’s a little mystery here, hehe).


On Motherhood

Last April 15 we were able to successfully celebrate Yesha’s first birthday at Prestige Tower. It’s something truly memorable to us.

But 3 months after her birthday she was diagnosed with Primary Complex. Oh, the mother in me felt so down and anxious. But thankfully, after 6 months of religiously medicating her, this past November it was confirmed that she was completely healed from it.

In a year, she grew up and learned a lot. She has memorized the different parts of her body, done several action songs and is able to socialize.It’s amazing how a few months can make a lot of difference on a baby’s physical and cognitive growth. 

I also thank God that she is quite active, healthy and rarely gets sick. Thanks to breastfeeding!


On home making

 8 months ago after my second house help left, our house has been nothing but a jungle. It was really poorly maintained. I got no direction. No guidance. No motivation.
But thank God, I already came to my senses. I reached the point where I’ve had enough and finally grew tired of being a slave to clutter and disorder. I’m so looking forward to next year and anticipating my growth as a homemaker.

I’m even leaning towards creating my own household manual and be able to lead a house helper. But I’m not sure if it will happen this coming 2013.


On traveling

Hubby and I wanted to have a  yearly 2-4 times travel vacations. And this year we had 3. In February we went to Subic, in April to Hongkong and in November to Singapore.

Really thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity travel, and our next in line is in Korea (Hope to get a visa) andVigan.


On blogging

By August, I migrated my thepinkhunter blog from blogger to wordpress. And then eventually I changed its name to to give my blog a more descriptive name. Sadly I lost almost all of my traffic, but it’s okay. I now love WordPress more anyways.

I was also hesitant at first to create a fan page, in which at that time I was clueless on how I can promote it. But now I was elated to raise its number of likers to 180 as of this writing. Thanks to blog networking and rafflecopter for my first giveaway contest.

On the Feast and Caring Group

Last April, hubby and I lay-low on being couple caring group heads. So we signed up as members under tita Glo and tito Delfin’s tutelage. It was a  breakthrough for us as our couple social circle has widened and is not limited to our contemporaries.

This coming 2013 I’m looking forward to a more purposeful and productive year. I will commit myself to self-improvement for my loved ones and for the realizations of my dreams. So please, help me God.

So What About You?

Share your thoughts. What are you thankful for this 2012?


  1. Hehehe… I noticed several moms who can’t focus on their dates with their hubbies because they are preoccupied with the thoughts of their little ones. But it’s just once a week with 3-5 hours of couple date, away with their babies =) It helps in revitalizing one’s marriage =)

  2. Irene

    This year had ups and downs but I’m happy that blessings and ideas are coming. I learned how to balance my time at work and Meg’s schooling but sometimes I wanted to stretch the 24 hour daily basis hehe.. I’m thankful for the more bonded family now and the mommy bloggers I met along the way. 2012 has been GOOD to us generally and now I’ll start to write my goals for 2013. =)

  3. My 2012 has been a roller coaster ride. But at least I finished the ride safe and sound. There are quite a few things I want to give focus on in 2013. My list would start with practicing positivism, losing the extra pounds, and to take saving seriously.

  4. The 1st quarter was a bad start for me, almost, feeling that my dream of being a doctor was crushed. i failed a subject and was held back for year. but it was also a blessing in disguise for me as I had more time with Henry. And, I am very thankful for that. This year, I also received alot of orders from my home business so I was able to sustain my “luho”. 🙂 Last October, I started this blog and I am very thankful that it gave me the opportunity to reach out to other moms from all parts of the world.

    1. May God bless your dream of being a doctor sis =) God’s delays are not God’s denials =)

  5. I was thankful that I have been breastfeeding our youngest for more than a year now. I am also thankful that we got to throw her a lavish 1st birthday party, God provided for us. 🙂

    1. Hi Cym! Thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear you’re also successful in breastfeeding your baby. Indeed, God really is a great provider =)

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