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My career is not my life`s purpose

Ever since I finished college, the period where one experiences a quarter life crisis, I have often wondered what on earth am I really here for. And at the time, I thought that this existential question can be answered with the type of career that one chooses. Thus, this was when I used passion and potential to be my guiding posts as I embark on a quest for my purpose in life. It is only now when I fully realized that I was mistaken.

Purpose and vocation are two different things, as I have gleaned from seeking. All of us have a singular purpose that can be exercised through different vocations or careers that we so choose for ourselves. Looking back, this purpose has been pounded on my head countless times — by books that I read, by the talks I`ve heard, and by the preachers I listened to. But I`m wondering: why didn`t it sink into me? Why did I look relentlessly when this purpose has been in front of me all along?

A man is created to be in union with God (CCC). 

This is the the singular purpose that I`m referring to. I bet, like me,  you`ve heard this a lot of times. Thanks be to God that now, this purpose is already engraved in my being. So that whatever I do — washing the dishes, counseling people, spending time with my family, lectoring at the mass — I can fulfill my life`s purpose, anytime, anywhere. When doing menial tasks such as cleaning the house, I don`t complain anymore that this type of activity is not for me. It doesn`t matter anymore; what matters is that I can be united with God. And because of this, I hope that I won`t lose my sense of purpose again. That like a precious pearl, I will treasure it and protect it will all my heart.

A nomad found a home

Doctors are for hospitals. Bankers are for banks. Teachers are for schools. But how about me, where do I belong? This was my other question aside from my life`s purpose. I know I have a home where my family is comfortably nestled. But I know too that I`m called for something more in addition to married and family life. I assumed, that since I`m pursuing counseling, I will belong to a center or a clinic. Although that may be the case, I discovered that it`s not all. Counseling is not my be-all and end-all.

Being active again at the church, I rediscovered my leadership, lectoring, and speaking skills. In fact, I coordinated a 3-day event last October and began my lector ministry on the same month. The PREX director in our church has expressed to me her belief in my speaking ability. And because of all these, I realized that it`s not just through counseling that I can serve God, but it`s through all the abilities He gave me. Counseling and even blogging, are just two aspects of it.

And just last month, I found where I want to spend the rest of my life with and where I want to grow old at — and that is at the Church. The place that I now call home. If a doctor is for a hospital, then I am for the Church. This is where I will work at until my bones get brittle, until all my hair turn white, surely until I die.

As a child, I was a product of this home, in our parish, where I was introduced to service and ministry at an early age. I then went out from its tutelage and explored the outside, where fruitfully, I learned and experienced a lot. But now, I can say that I`m coming back home. And thankfully, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Pasig has welcomed me back, like a mother waiting for her child with arms wide open. I`m home, I`m home at last.

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