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My Childbirth Experience via Normal Delivery

Delivery Date: April 15, 2011 (Friday)Hospital: Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Ocular Visit)Method:Lamaze (Natural Spontaneous Delivery without Epidural/Anesthesia)Weeks: 39 weeks and 3 days

*You can check HERE on how I prepared myself for a successful Lamaze delivery.

Labor Experience:

April 13, 2011(Wednesday)

As per my weekly check up with my OB, my dilation was already 1-2 cm,  my cervix has already softened and  my baby was on -2 pelvic station [Read Dilation, Effacement, Pelvic Station]. I was really thankful that our walking exercise that started during my 37th week has came into fruition. My OB told me that if I will not give birth that week, she would have to admit me next Wednesday.

After our appointment and our lunch at Cardinal, Hubby and I went straight to Megamall for another walking regimen. I walked around the mall’s perimeter thrice and I went up and down the stairs twice (from basement to 5th floor).

Unexpectedly, before I peed, I saw my mucus plug on my undie. Yehey! I’m already experiencing one of the 3 actual signs of labor, signaling my imminent delivery day. Do you want to know how mucus plug looks like? Check out Google Image =)

April 15, 2011(Friday)
I woke up due to the pain I was feeling. They say it was like a severe dysmenorrhea with lower back pain. I even asked myself, “is this the real contraction?” I tried to sleep it off and ignore it but to no avail. I was in discomfort and it was getting painful and frequent.

I didn’t wake hubby yet, thinking it might subside in an hour or two. So I went to the bathroom and started timing my contractions.


For one and half hours the interval of my contractions has reached 3-4 minutes. The pain is getting stronger but still manageable through breathing. This time I woke hubby up and picked the labor bag.

We transferred to my in-law’s house, waited there and continued timing. I was adamant in going to the hospital at the time asI don’t want to be sent home due to a false labor. So I made sure I’m really in a true labor.


The interval of my  contractions was still 3-4 minutes. This time I strongly wanted to go to the hospital already. The pain was starting to get unbearable.


We arrived at Cardinal Santos and I was immediately wheeled to the OB prep room where the attending resident OB monitored my contractions and fetal heartbeat for 30 minutes. And my record was confirmed, the interval of my contraction was indeed 3-4 minutes. Another resident OB IE’d me, where her showed that I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced but baby went back into floating.

My OB confirmed that I have to be admitted already. So the nurses were asking what room was I going to avail, the labor room or the Lamaze room. I was undecided at first because the bed in the Lamaze room was not yet fixed, meaning I can’t have my delivery done there and they would transfer me to the Delivery Room. But in the end, I opted for the Lamaze room so hubby can be with me.


I got admitted at the Birthing room. Overseen by a nurse, Hubby and I walked along the short hall of the Delivery Room to help ease out my labor. I was not, by the way, attached to an IV since I requested for no IV unless necessary. I was bleeding profusely while walking, but a resident informed us that it was ok because it was my cervix effacing.


As per my birth plan; vaginal exams, fetal heartbeat and contractions monitor should be done intermittently. This is because I won’t be able to walk or move around should I be connected with these devices. So a resident OB monitored my contractions and fetal heartbeat for 20-30 minutes. My contraction interval was still 3-4 minutes and baby’s heartbeat was doing great.


It was time for my intermittent vaginal exam again, I was 5cm dilated, 100% effaced but baby is still floating (shocks!). I prayed and talked to my baby to descend and help mommy.

After my vaginal exam, hubby and I stopped walking because the pain is unbearable already, making me unable to walk. We just enjoyed the home-like experience we had at the birthing room.


I was 6cm dilated and baby was on -3 pelvic station (yehey!). Contraction interval was 2-3 minutes. Baby’s heartbeat was still doing great.


This time the pain was getting stronger and stronger that aside from breathing/panting, I even waggled my toes during contractions to  somehow distract me away from the pain. We were also waiting for my OB to arrive so she could do my IE.

My OB has arrived. I was already 8cm dilated and my contraction interval  was 1-2 minutes. They were asking me to decide whether they’d break my water bag or just wait for it to break naturally. Another OB who was also present during my labor, advised me that If they will break my water bag  it will hasten the labor, but if not we will have to wait for about 4 hours to achieve the 10 cm dilation.

I was hesitant at first for artificial rupture because it will make the contraction more intense. I was kind of tired from battling every contraction pain already so I was leaning for a sedation and agreed for artificial rupture.

My OB, who was always putting my preferences first agreed for sedation. But the other OB cared enough to let me achieve my birth plan and believed in me that I can make it to the finish line without any anesthesia.

The two OB’s even had a short discussion regarding my choices. After they agreed, my OB told me that I would be drowsy and won’t be able to push my baby out should they sedate me. So I heeded to their advices; on with the artificial rupture and no for sedation.


Minutes after my water bag broke, I started having an urge to push. But I cannot push yet because I was being transferred from the Lamaze Room  to the Delivery Room. It was so hard to hold up, I was already saying “aray,” “ouch” in  between my breathings. In what seemed like forever, I was not allowed to push for 4-5 contractions, argh! I can’t explain how it felt.

After they have positioned me on the narrow delivery bed, that was the time I started pushing. What made it difficult for me in this stage, was that the coaching of the resident OB’s were not timed with my contractions. In every contraction, their cues came seconds later from the start of my urge to push.

Everyone in the room were coaching me in unison, “Inhale, exhale, PUSH!”And then they would count from 1-10. I pushed for 10 seconds without breathing, and then went back to inhale exhale again. This stage seemed to me was the longest and the hardest stage of my labor.
I was already complaining, “Bakit ang tagal?” My OB just replied, “Ganyan talaga.” I thought I would make it to 3 pushes only cos that was what I kept on playing in my mind. I was already calling my mom to help me, but I didn’t even let her know that I’m in labor.


After the longest 34 minutes of my life, finally, my baby was out already! My OB informed me that my baby has had a single cord coil that’s why I was having a hard time pushing.
While the cord, that was connecting us is still uncut, the attending nurse did the Essential Newborn Care to me. The nurse positioned my baby on my breast so my baby could nurse from me.
All in all, I had a great and wonderful birthing experience to a healthy 6.2 lbs baby girl, thank God!


  1. Beautiful child birth! I wish I had the same with my son! I love her smile in the last picture!

  2. hi, have a beautiful baby girl=)
    i have a question though..i also plan to give birth at cardinal and use the birthing room. during our tour, we were told that if we get the birthing room, i can actually labor and give birth in that room. how come you were transfered from the birthing room to the delivery room? hope you can answer my question. thanks!

    38 weeks =)

  3. Hi Nicole! wow 38 weeks! You’ll be able to hold your baby in just a few days. May you have a safe and fulfilling delivery =)

    About your question, the reason I was transferred to the DR was because that time the bed in the birthing room wasn’t working properly. I still chose to use the birthing room though despite the fact that I can’t deliver there (because of Lamaze and I want hubby to be with me). But that was almost a year ago, I guess by now the bed is already fixed. To be sure, you can confirm it to Cardinal =)

  4. Anonymous

    hi how much nagastos mo all in all in your delivery? thank you!

  5. cathy

    Hi,i find your entry very informative and inspiring. im on my 38weeks but having second thoughts on my OB at MMC due to high quote provided. i was told to prepare 120K for NSD and 160K in case of CS for a semi proivate room(shared CR). I was asking her the option of having unmedicated natural birth but she seems not comfortable and is discouraging me.
    May I know your total hospital bill and some info on your OB.
    much thanks and God bless you more.

  6. Hi Cathy!

    I think birthing at Makati Med is more expensive than Cardinal Santos. My hubby’s friend spent 150k for CS delivery at MMC, semi-private room too.

    These were my fees with lamaze room and small private room (with cr) at Cardinal Santos..

    Professional Fee = 35k
    Baby Fee = 5k
    Mommy Fee = 46k
    Blood transfusion = 10k

    So all in all without blood transfusion, my total birthing fee is 86k only. For CS my OB asked me to prepare 100-120k.

    My OB was Dra. Carmela-Madrigal Dy. She has an office at Cardinal. I transferred to her during my 30th week when my OB at MMC went for a study leave. It was a blessing in disguise for me.

  7. Issa

    I can’t see the pictures you posted here 🙁

    1. Hi Issa!Thanks for dropping by. I fixed the photos already. Have a wonderful childbirth preparation! =)

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  9. Eleyn

    Hi… my OB is in MMC also but I’m planning transfer and give birth at Cardinal. Allowed po ba magpicture dun during delivery? I’m planning to hire photographer for birth photography but I’m not sure if allowed sa Cradinal ang sabi kasi nila sakin sa Asian lang allowed un.

    Last question… allowed po ba pumasok ang husband sa delivery room?
    Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Eleyn,

      As far as I know, ina-allow lang ang husband sa Cardinal if you will avail their Lamaze Room, otherwise pabibisitahin lang sandali yung husband. If this is the case for the husband, I’m not sure about hired photographers. Hope that helps. 🙂

  10. France Estrada

    Hi Nova,

    Was googling Cardinal and found myself reading your blog again 🙂 You were amazing!! I realized that I know nothing!!!! I should send you a private message at FB. Hope you wont mind! Take care!


    1. Hi France! Sure sure, feel free to message me at facebook… will be glad to help. I’m sure during your whole childbirth preparation you will be learning a lot. 🙂

  11. Angela Sy

    Hello, how’s your OB? I’m looking for one coz I’m not really comfortable with my current OB 🙁 My husband and I are planning to have a baby this year (first baby) so I want a good OB and who has compassion for her patient. Hope to hear from you, thanks.

    1. Hi Angela,

      So sorry I missed your comment. Perhaps by now you already found an OB whom you can be comfortable with. Anyways, since you asked, my OB is soft-spoken, not the talkative type. And yes, she cares and is compassionate to her patients. I guess it will also depend on the client-doctor relationship.

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