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My Childbirth Preparation (NSD via Lamaze)

I am so thankful that I was able to deliver my baby via NSD without epidural/anesthesia. Except of course the part when my “V” was sewn, so my OB applied a local anesthesia. I wanted to share my preparations that helped me to achieve a wonderful and fulfilling birth experience. You can read about my Childbirth Experience via Lamaze Method.

So here it goes:

1. Made my prayer proclamation.

During my first trimester I drafted a prayer proclamation that I recited or read almost everyday.
This is because I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. What you can conceive you can achieve. When you know what you want and you believed in it and made a decision to go for it, through prayer, God’s universe will conspire to make it happen.

And this is what my prayer proclamation said,

On or before April 21, 2011 I am delivering via Natural Spontaneous Delivery. My body is opening up for my baby, and my baby is finding her way through my birth canal. My cervix will dilate to 10cm successfully and I have a strong pain tolerance. I am giving birth to a healthy baby.

All of it came true most specially giving birth to a healthy baby. Yesha was roomed in as soon as our pedia gave her go signal. Her Apgar Score is 9/10 and she has no jaundice (yellowish skin and eye color). She was full term and weighing 6.2 lbs. Thank you Lord.

2. Searched for a hospital that shares the same values as me and suites our budget.

On my 30th week, my then OB at Makati Medical Center has left for her study leave. We were so sad at that time because she was referred to us by a friend. But in the end, her study leave proved to be a blessing in disguise.

So I researched in the net that hospital, and due to the many good feed backs that I read, I finally decided for Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC). Check out my Ocular Visit HERE

Cardinal Santos is a mommy-baby friendly hospital.They are already adopting the Essential Newborn Protocol. CSMC is also a pro-breastfeeding hospital. After birth, mommies are required to nurse and breastfeed their babies every 4 hours at the nursery. For cesarean moms, babies are the one who visit them in their rooms. And if baby is doing great and healthy, parents can opt to room in their child as soon as the pedia gave her go signal.

As for me, I also took into consideration their Lamaze/Birthing Room. The rate is way cheaper compared to the Lamaze Room of Makati Med. Plus it’s not a requirement for parents that they should have enrolled in a Lamaze Class, cos I and hubs didn’t. =)

3. Searched for an OB who will share the same values as me.

I noticed that many of my friends and acquaintances were cesareans. They said they were CS because their OB told them the baby is cord coiled.  And since I really don’t want to join the bandwagon of CS moms, I searched frantically for an OB who is pro-normal delivery.

I even prayed to God to lead me to an OB who has the same values as mine. And fortunately, I was led to Dra. Carmela Madrigal-Dy. She always put her patients first. And I had a great pregnancy and childbirth experience because of her. She followed everything written in my birth plan. I will definitely get her as my OB again to my next babies.

Guess what? My baby has a single cord coil, and I was still able to deliver her normally. That was the reason why I had a hard time pushing her out. Thanks to my OB who is not a CS fanatic.

4. Downloaded a Lamaze Class Video from the net

Honestly, we just pirated this video through some torrent. I searched “Laugh and Learn About Childbirth.avi” And fortunately, I was able to find and download it. You must have a torrent program on your computer before you can download this. I will soon post my notes from this video. Meanwhile These are some things that we learned:

– pelvic stations, dilation and effacements
– signs of labor and what to do should you encounter it.
– the three stages of labor
– the four breathing techniques
– how to push

and many other more.

5. Prepared my Childbirth Plan and discussed it with my OB.

You can read my birthplan HERE. I did a lot of research before I came up with it. But don’t expect that all OB’s will and can follow your birthplan, I’m just fortunate that my OB puts my preferences above her usual procedures.

Plus, she is a consultant OB in Cardinal Santos wherein the resident OB’s and nurses who are present during my delivery are all under her. That’s not always the case in all OB’s especially if they’re only affiliated and do not hold office in their respective hospitals.

6. Research. Research. Research.

Knowledge is power! Need I explain more? My whole childbirth experience is a product of research. =)

7. Mental Visualization/Imagination
Along with my prayer proclamation, I oftentimes visualize myself in labor and in pushing. Before my actual Delivery day, I have already given birth many times, in my mind. Mental visualization is a part of every athlete’s training, might as well apply this for my D-Day.

8. Breathing Exercise

Two months before my due date, I practiced the four breathing techniques I learned from the Laugh and Learn about childbirth video. I did it one minute per breathing technique for like every other day.

9. Walk and walk and walk.

As soon as I reached my 37th week, Melbert and I started walking every day for two to three hours. Sometimes we walked at The Fort, once in Rainforest, Pasig and mostly in Megamall. We even used the stairs of Megamall in our regimen.

So that was it. All my preparations has paid off. Hope you got something.

Have a happy childbirth preparation!


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