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My Dream Photostory Book

Recently, we noticed that Yesha is becoming really fond of reading. She would request me or her daddy to read to her anytime of the day, whenever she feels like being read to.

I’m really pleased with her initiative and inclination to read which is something that just occured these past weeks. I’m glad that our habit of reading to her since she was a baby – and even when I was still pregnant with her – has paid off.

So anyways, because she always wanted us to read to her, I get tired of reading the same booklets over and over. Even my husband has almost memorized the books.

I tried to look for free books on the net and discovered about chapter books.  One book that I downloaded for free was My Father’s Dragon. But since the story has a very minimal photos, Yesha gets bored easily. And since then, I’ve been obsessing of finding a chapter book that is in photo book style.

So yesterday after attending the CFA Homeschooling Discovery, I visited a bookstore out of whim. I was just browsing the books and supplies to see if I would want to buy anything.


Just when I reached the Children Section, I chanced upon a Bible story for toddlers. It was a 1.5 inched hardbound book. I took it from the shelf and leafed through the pages. To my delight it was a story book! It got cute illustrations with only one to two sentences per page. Perfect! This is exactly what I’m looking for.


Buying this book was like hitting two birds in one stone. Yesha has two or three Bible story books already, but we don’t read it much because the photos are limited. So with this book we have both a Bible and a chapter photostory book in one.

When I was reading the story of creation, Yesha asked me where is God. I’m not yet used to answer this kind of question so I answered, “He’s a Spirit, He’s everywhere” – as if she knows what a spirit is, ugh! My inner voice said, “mommy, you need  to do better than that.”

This Bible story not only entertains her but it also makes her get to know God better in her young mind.
We just started reading yesterday, and this morning we’re now on page 110… yey! katuwa… 🙂


This book is a gem, perfect for 6 and below. I bought this at Expressions, just not sure if it’s available in other bookstores. If you’re interested you may check out OMF Literature Inc.

Happy Reading!

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