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My Enneagram Personality Type – what’s yours?

I almost forgot to post my Enneagram Personality type results. Anyways have you heard about it? If not, what about Myers-Briggs or the four temperaments?

They’re all tests to determine one’s personality type, and believe me, I’ve taken countless of personality tests I found online. They are all right about me, and they have all helped me understand myself and others better. But the test that has given me the deepest knowledge about myself is – you guessed it right – Enneagram Personality Type Test.

What I like most about it is that  it can show you your stress point and growth point. Unlike with other types of tests, after knowing your personality type — say you’re an ENTJ or choleric-phlegmatic —  you don’t know what’s next. With enneagram, you will know the areas you must improve on so you can be a fully integrated person.

Before I share about my enneagram results, here are two of the several free online tests that you could take if you’re interested to know your Enneagram Personality type: Test 1, Test 2. I suggest that you take 3 quizzes and find the personality type common to all the the top three’s of your results.

My personality type: The Challenger


The top three types where I scored high were: the perfectionist (my highest), the helper (second), and the leader (third). I got confused as to which type I really am, since I can’t relate much to the perfectionist.

When I checked each of their weaknesses, I can easily identify with type 8 – the Reformer. It was later on confirmed when I took the online test and type 8 is the common among all my top 3 results.


My Childhood History: Abandonment

According to the manual that we have, type 8’s experienced abandonment during childhood by their parents. In retrospect, I wasn’t really abandoned, but my father is a marine engineer (OFW) who has to leave us for work.

My mother told me that when I was young, I used to wail whenever my father leaves us and goes abroad. That said, yes it has an impact on me. Being the eldest and growing up with no father beside me, I learned to be independent and be protective of my younger brother.

That is also the reason why I get easily compassionate to the underdogs. But not on the underdogs of telenovela’s huh, it’s always part of every telenovela I know, it’s tiring to watch already.

My Personality Wing: The Peacemaker 


*Two Types adjacent to  8: Type 9-Peacemaker and Type 7-Enthusiast

My discussion group mates found it incredulous when I told them that I’m an angry person; they see me as calm, aggreeable and friendly. What they don’t know is that I could be a godzilla or a hulk when I’m at the peak of my anger, and that’s because my personality wing is type 9 (peacemaker).

In the diagram above, the two personality wings I can have is 7- Enthusiast  and 9-Peacemaker. And since I can’t identify with the 7- Enthusiast, my only wing is 9-Peacemaker. This is the personality which all people knows about me.

In the four temperaments, which I hope you’re familiar with, peacemaker accounts for my phlegmatic side; and leader for my choleric side. Yes, I’m choleric-phlegmatic.

My Growth Points and Stress Points: Type 2 (The Helper) and Type 5 (The Investigator)


As a type 8, my weaknesses are insensitive, stubborn, controlling. And to be a fully integrated 8 I must strive to grow like a 2 (the helper) — loving, giving, sensitive.

As a type 8, whenever I get stressed or disintegrated, I tend to be a type 5 — withdrawing, distant, negative. Yes, whenever I feel overwhelmed, my hubby hear things from me like, “I want privacy” or “I want to be alone.” I tend to withdraw myself to lick my wounds when I’m hurt or to introspect when I’m overwhelmed.

My Driving/Governing Emotion:Anger


As you would see in the diagram above, anger is the predominant issue on the area where types 8, 9 and 1 belong. However, these three types express anger differently: Type 1 gets critical and intolerant of other people’s weaknesses; Type 9 keeps their anger silently and secretly; while type 8 shows anger by being confrontational and controlling.

So there you go. It’s really enlightening to get to know yourself more. I thought I already knew everything about me, but I’m completely wrong, there’s more to find out.

If you’re interested to know your type, go and take the quizzes I posted above. Have fun! =)



  1. My Enneagram number is one and two…I’m a very orderly person in fact even in my marriage I’m trying to practice this and as a two, it is but natural for me to extend my helping hand. to others. Anyway I am very glad to read one post on enneagram such as you do. Great job.

    1. Thanks for sharing your enneagram personality type bro! I think, either one of your types is your personality wing and the other is your main enneagram type. 🙂

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