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My Housekeeping Companions

Im so happy with my little FM radio I bought at CDR king which cost me Php 480 only. I put it on top of our kitchen counter to keep me on the go with my daily household chores.

It ‘s so handy, it’s rechargeable and I can bring it in our bedroom too.

But of course a radio by itself is not enough without DJ’s and music to listen to. And the station where I always tune in is RX  93.1 Monster Radio. Every morning while I prepare our breakfast and declutter our house, I listen to Morning Rush with Chico, Delamar and Gino. Their fun filled and free flowing conversation is enough to keep me entertained while doing some humdrum chores.


I enjoy listening to their fun-filled and free-flowing discussions, they are really natural at what they do. Most of the times, I find myself laughing with them.
This form of entertainment has really helped in making chores light for me. I’m glad I tried this and I’m happy to discover RX93.1. Now, my morning household activity is not complete without them.



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