My Mother’s Day Highlight




Belated Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday with your loved ones! 🙂

Actually, I’m not really big on celebrating events,  but yesterday as I checked my Facebook newsfeed,  I decided to join the bandwagon of people greeting their moms on a very special day.

Now that my mom has recently joined Facebook, aside from greeting her and exchanging I love you’s, I thought of honoring her there. So this was what I posted:

“Just want to let the world know how blessed I am to have a loving and nurturing mom! Happy Mother’s Day to the wind beneath my wings!”

Yep, my mother is indeed the wind beneath my wings. I wouldn’t be able to wonderfully experience life and the world if it hasn’t been for her presence and love.

After honoring her with my short post, I felt great! I hope I made my mom’s heart swell with happiness – even with this simple gesture of mine. 🙂

However, aside from this, yesterday has been uneventful. We were prepping up to go to the mall in the evening. In fact, Yesha and I were already dressed up, but the little girl suddenly fell asleep… toinkz… so we just stayed at home.


It’s actually my fault. Hubby has been trying to pull me off the bed so we could go to the mall, but I kept on procrastinating that’s why we’ve been late. Told you I’m not big on events – boring ko noh? Hehe…

But despite that, our whole afternoon was spent cuddling, horseplaying, and laughing on our family bed. That was why Yesha got tired and fell sleepy.

But all in all, though we weren’t able to go out, it was still a great day for me. It doesn’t so much matter where we are, for as long as we’re together, that’s enough for me to feel content and happy 🙂


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