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My Parents Disapprove Homeschooling – Now What

I just attended a Homeschooling seminar yesterday by Catholic Filipino Academy. And I felt so inspired hearing all the personal sharings and success stories of homeschooling moms whose children are now in science high schools and who are doing really well emotionally and socially. I knew that our decision is right and I felt proud of it.

I relished all the sharings of homeschooling moms and took it to heart, making sure I won’t forget it. I imagined that the journey will be worthwhile. I was excited.

But this morning, both my parents outrightly told me that they don’t like the idea of homeschooling. Why can’t Yesha go to a conventional school and experience having classmates.

Inside my head, I said: this is it. My family is going to be unsupportive and expressive of their disapproval. This is what other homeschooling parents are experiencing.

Hubby’s side will not be of help either. They’ve been clear of their opinion about it. Ugh!

To be honest, the determination and inspiration I have had yesterday have waned. In a flicker, I have imagined Yesha going to school in uniform looking cute; and me having my free time while she’s away.

As I abruptly wiped the thought out of my mind, I returned to our family’s reality. Sending Yesha to a conventional school is not going to happen. I’m pretty sure that receiving disapproval from well-meaning relatives and friends wil be a common occurrence with our fa . So I’ve got to make a plan how to cope.

1. Remind myself of our homeschooling goal.

Among the several benefits of homeschooling, there is one advantage that really struck me out: Freedom from academic stress and pressure means freedom for Yesha to explore her passion and potential.

How will you discover your Life Task if you’re busy attending external requirements? That’s what happened to me and hubby. I just discovered what I wanted to do in my life when I became a stay at home mom. I have free time to follow my inner inclinations because I didn’t have to succumb to pressure that work has on me.

And I’m now what, 29 years old. I wish for Yesha to discover her natural inclination earlier. Had I discovered my interest on human psychology, maybe I could have taken a different course and taken a different job.

It’s just a musing though. I wouldn’t be here, where I am now, if not because of the past. I just want what is the best for Yesha.

2. Get support from homeschooler parents.

Oh, now I understand why homeschooling moms yesterday kept on emphasizing the value of having relarionaship with other homeschooling families. Having all your family and relatives against your decision, it’s pretty hard. And now I’m starting to know how it feels.

I thought my parents will support me. They’re important to me. And I won’t deny that their opinions matters, because it does – so much. So I’m glad that CFA offers this support. Because now I’m beginning to see how invaluable it will be for our family.

3. Pray, pray, pray.

Homeschooling is a calling. It feels like there’s an inner force in me that urges me walk down this narrow path. Walking in the opposite direction is something I could not bring myself to do. This is the only path.

Where could this calling come from? It could only come from God. And it is during trying times that His Spirit is the most encouraging, the most important source of strength. It will be on Him I lean on, on Him I cling to.

I think this will be a great journey. It will strengthen my relationship with God.


  1. Wena

    Hi, I’m just wondering if your parents are already okay of homeschooling? I’m thinking of homeschooling my preschooler but having the same problem with the oldies. haha! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Nova

      Hi Wena! It’s a common issue among homeschooling families, which is really a concern especially in the beginning. As for us, both our family-of-origins couldn’t do anything about our decisions. My own family accepted it eventually, but my in-laws are still secretly wishing to transfer our daughter. But unlike before, they have waned down in their effort to convince us 🙂

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