Not Too Late Yet For Bedtime Routine

 Whenever friends would ask me what time does Yesha sleep, I would always answer, “It depends on her.”

It’s true. We went about our night time for almost two years without any bedtine structure. It was just the other day when she kinect-ed (danced) her night away when I realized that, I should have established a night time routine while she was still an infant.

I knew about bedtime routines all along, but I knowingly shied away from it as it also means setting a routine for myself too. And I’m not really a fan of routines. I dislike predictability.

I know that I’m not alone here. There are also adults out there who share the same predicament as me. But as I learned on how some adults regard it as insignificant, in reality, routine and predictability hold our lives together.

The routine of receiving a  paycheck once or twice a month, the regularity that you are going to eat three or more times a day, the predictability that at the end of the day your loved ones are home. These routines and predictability give us a sense of control and security in our lives.

If this is true for adults, then it also holds true for toddlers and kids. They need routine, they need predictability, they need to know that somehow they are in control.

So just imagine when I swooped Yesha away from the xbox and brought her in our bedroom. What do you expect, a toddler throwing a tantrum.

Right there and then, I decided to make a little sacrifice. To establish Yesha’s bedtime routine. I don’t want to be like my mom-friend whose kids (4 and 5 at that time) refused to listen to her when she bade them to go to sleep. Instead of listening to their mom, they continued watching television.

I don’t know if 21 months is already too late. But I will give it a try. Sure there will be throwing of tantrums, but I have a strong hope that in time, she’ll get used to it. And I’ll get used to it.

And I hope that someday when I’d be asked again on what time Yesha goes to bed, I’d be able to answer them, “It’s 8pm.” 8pm for the bedtime ritual and 9pm for lights out.

What about you?

What time does your bedtime routine start and how do you go about it?

Do they still do their routine even if they’re more then 4 years of age?



  1. I don’t think it’s ever too late to start a routine. Better late than never, right? :). At least you’re getting her on the right track. She’ll reap the benefits as she grows older 🙂

    1. Thank you pepper for the encouragement! I’m hoping that my baby could learn to embrace habits and routines. It’s something I and her dad need improvement on.

  2. Krystal Jade Coronel

    for my baby 2yrs and 7 monthd the bed time is 10pm late na yan, pero 9 ang pinaka maagang matulog since nung baby pa sya di nagbabago sleep time nya.

    1. Thank you Krystal for dropping by! =) Wow… consistent ang tulog ng baby mo. I hope dumating yung time that we’ll arrive in that stage too =)

  3. Sounds like our family. ^_^ When we had our first baby, we did not have any form of routine regarding sleeping and eating. We never eat breakfast on time… lunch is eaten when we have our vacant period in school, and dinner is optional. LOL! but when our daughter started to eat solid food we then realized our flaws. so we then implemented the normal eating patterns of normal families ^_^ which was very difficult for us to adapt to. Now, we are with our second baby and our son has fitted quite nicely with our routine. Though we have a lazy day on Sundays where we just stay in bed for as long we could.

    1. Thanks mitch for sharing! We also started eating on time when Yesha started eating solids too, LOL! I’m glad, that we developed other routines for her, but out of necessity, hehe! I was mistaken when I thought I could get away with bedtime routine especially on lights out. =)

  4. Thanks sis Lorraine for the encouragement! I’m glad to hear that your son still keeps the routine you instilled on him. It gives me hope that same thing will happen to my Yesha =)

  5. Oh lucky you! your hubby gives jacob a bath. I can only recount one instance when my hubby bathe our baby, LOL! But other than that, he’s a hands on daddy =)

  6. *pat on shoulder*. It’s never too late for anything, sis. It would be difficult siguro at first since nasanay na siya with the non-routine, but kids are so flexible and resilient, I’m sure your little one will be more comfortable with the bedtime routine eventually.

    My Lia sleeps around 6:30pm-7:30pm. I take her cues for sleeping. And always the same range naman siya makatulog at night. So by 6pm I give her a warm bath, lie with her in bed and nurse her till she falls asleep na 🙂

    1. Your Lia sleeps quite early… good for her… You’re right, kids are flexible. We’ve been doing the routine for one week pa lang and she’s slowly adapting na, which is easier than I expected. I also found out, that one benefit of adding bedtime routine is more personal time and bonding time with hubby =)

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