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Nursery Rhymes Tagalog Free Download

Nowadays, young Filipino parents want their children to be well versed in using English and Tagalog as their medium of communication. This is very helpful for academic and socialization purposes if the children are living here in the Philippines. Meanwhile, there are also families  living abroad who wanted to instill in their children the love for our native language. Though their kids are being educated outside the country, Filipino parents still want them to understand and use Tagalog.

Aside from conversing with them using our native tongue, another way  to teach kids Tagalog is by letting them listen and sing tagalog nursery rhymes songs. So in this post, I wish to share with you these Tagalog children songs for your babies/toddlers to listen to. One cousin of hubby, who is residing in US, was asking for Tagalog songs so her little kids could learn our native language. And the songs uploaded here are what we gave her.

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Below are the song titles included in the MP3 file:

  1. Kamusta
  2. Bahay Kubo
  3. Paa Tuhod
  4. Maliit na Pitsel
  5. Magagandang Asal
  6. Leron Leron Sinta
  7. Sampung mga Daliri
  8. Munting Panalangin
  9. Pen Pen de Sarapen
  10. Magtanim ay di Biro
  11. Lubi lubi
  12. Sitsiritsit
  13. Maligayang Bati
  14. Maglinis Tayo
  15. Tong Tong Pakitong
  16. Paru parong bukid
  17. Tatlong Bibe
  18. Masaya kung Sama Sama
  19. Ako ay May Lobo
  20. Maliliit na Gagamba
  21. Kung Ikaw ay Masaya
  22. Awit ng Pag-asa
  23. Lupang Hinirang
  24. Panatang Makabayan

You may click here to download MP3’s for free.

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