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Observing Brand Conscious People

I’m fond of observing people and guessing the motivation behind their actions. I say ‘guessing’ because I don’t have a psychic ability to claim I am right. I do that sometimes when I don’t have anything to do, or when I’m simply lazy to do anything.

One of the things I have observed are brand conscious people, people who you couldn’t convince to buy items carrying unknown signatures. They couldn’t buy a low-end gadget; they couldn’t wear unbranded clothes; they couldn’t slip their feet on cheap shoes.


It’s like their skin will get burned when they come in contact with a brand they’ve never heard of. Others would even go as far as spending beyond their means.

As I ponder about it, other folks are simply quality conscious. They invest a great amount of money on a certain brand because it assures them durability. They believe that this brand delivers quality that it could last them for a long time.

Why buy something cheap if in the end it will just easily wear out or if it will cause you more harm than good as in the case of cosmetics? That’s why they say that you get what you pay for.

On another spectrum are people who wouldn’t let anything unbranded sneak into their closet, or in their bags. Sometimes, they couldn’t go anywhere public wearing unknown signatures.


I couldn’t help to think that maybe they are what they possess. They depend on these branded things to define who they are, to alleviate their self-esteem, to make them feel good about themselves. That if they wear or buy the unbranded, they would feel lowly, they would feel a nobody.

Still others are love-empty. They don’t have enough love in their lives that they fill the emptiness with beautiful things. They think that acquring great things will make them happy.

True, they do make them happy, but it won’t take long for the happines to fade out. But on they would pursue the latest model or the latest fashion out in the market. To some people, it’s a never ending hunt.


I don’t have anything against them, and it’s not like something is wrong with them. That’s just people are, we vary in different ways. Like what I said, I’m not claiming that my observations are right. They are merely observations, nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

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