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Ocean Adventure Subic

Research suggests that over 95% of dolphin deaths are directly attributable to man-related causes. 

Surprising? Not Actually. Frightening? Yes if you are concerned with Mother Nature.

While a visit to Subic’s renowned tourist attraction is truly fun and entertaining, the programs are fully packed with environmental advocacy from the dolphin and sea lion shows to the theater productions. Although it is good for me to promote environmental awareness, I’m posting primarily because I want to blog about our Ocean Adventure experience.

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Entrance Fee and Packages

For our visit, our entrance fee was 550php, and the shows included are dolphin show, Eco Theater, Olongapo Jones and the sea lion show.

Ocean Adventure also offers close encounters with dolphins and sea lions with picture taking for a fee that starts at 550php. We thought of availing these packages when Yesha is already a toddler.

The Dolphin Show


The five trained dolphins never failed to amaze the audience. The kids and adults alike were filled with awe as the dolphins wave their hands, waggle their tails, dance their bodies and do their exhibitions with an accompaniment of an upbeat music. We were really entertained that we weren’t able to capture good photos. It was really really fun that I don’t have enough words to describe it, you better watch it out yourself.

After the show, the narrator asked the dolphins to convey their message to the people, and they all clicked making their dolphin sound in chorus, admonishing the audience their present situation and asking them to take care of them. That was how the narrator translated it.


The Sea Lion Show

It was basically just like the dolphin show, we were entertained by these two sea lions as they did their tricks their trainer asked them. Again we weren’t able to take pictures because we were so engrossed to do so. Just allow yourself to be surprised.

As the guy trainer said, these gentle creatures are the one which saves the stranded sailors and fishermen in the middle of the ocean. And that in return, like the dolphins, we must also take care and show our love for them.


The Eco Theater


At first, I thought this was boring as I watched the guy showing the audience how to produce fire from a kawayan. But I was wrong. The production itself was entertaining as it showcased different forest animals, you will get to see them up close. I never got bored the minute the showcasing of animals started.

The Olongapo Jones


The two foreigner casts were really entertaining and funny while they did their exhibitions on a trampoline. But sometimes, I get bored specially when they are not included in some scenes

There were two mascots included in the show, Pauie the turtle and Leila the dolphin. Yesha can’t help but stare at them.


 Picture Takings

After watching all the shows, we strolled around the area and their aquariums.

Just like with Zoobic Zafari, a visit to Ocean Adventure was also worth our money. The dolphin show itself is already enough to make your day. We will definitely come back again!


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