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Ocular Visit at Cardinal Santos Medical Center

I’m already on my 36th day as of this writing, wee! Five more days and Yesha will be on her full term. My tummy is getting heavier and heavier each day, making it difficult and tiring for me to walk. I can’t wait for my D-day to come.

Anyway, I also want to share our ocular visit we did today. During my appointment this morning, I requested my OB for a referral form which will allow us to tour the Delivery Room (DR) of Cardinal Santos Medical Center. And fortunately, the DR is available for viewing so we don’t need to return for this visit anymore.

The nurse assigned to tour us was so friendly and very informative. She gladly explained to us every room and stage that I will undergo on my D-day.

I so like the ambiance of their DR: it’s so clean, cozy, and it doesn’t smell like a hospital; it’s also not congested; plus, the staffs are warm and friendly. And contrary to what we thought, the Labor Rooms, Operating Rooms, Recovery Room, Lamaze Room are all adjacent to each other. It makes every transfer of the patient from one room to another quick and convenient.

Pre-OB Room

Our first stop over was in the Pre-OB room. I wasn’t able to take a picture though. This is where all patients go first to check mommy’s dilation and contraction to determine if she’s qualified for admitting. The room also has an EFM to monitor baby’s heart beat.

Labor Room

Second stop over was the Labor Room. Cardinal Santos Medical Center has 5 Labor Rooms where the sizes of each is approximately 8 sqm. Inside it has a TV so mommy can watch while laboring and waiting. The room maybe small but I like the sense of privacy and comfort it offers.

Labor Room

Delivery Room

Then we checked out the Delivery Room. The first thing that called our attention were the humongous lights overhead. I noticed too that the delivery table or bed is narrow but enough to support the mommy. During our visit, there’s an operation going on in one of the DR’s, a mommy is on a stage of pushing her baby. I even thought of waiting and watching until the baby comes out, but unfortunately we couldn’t stay and wait that long.

Delivery Room
Also inside the DR, this is where examination of baby gets done.

Lamaze (Birthing Room)

Next in line was the Lamaze Room or Birthing Room which Cardinal Santos has only one. I like the room, it’s cozy and very spacious. If we will decide on availing this one, I can just move and walk around inside the room. It also has its own toilet which I can use during the active phase of labor. Hmm… we haven’t really decided yet if we’re going to avail the package or go for Lamaze – Small Private Room.

Lamaze/Birthing Room
Lamaze/Birthing Room

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Room Prices as of 2011

I also took note of the prices of the rooms.

Labor Room    – Free for first 8 hours; Php200 for every succeeding hour
Deliver Room  – Free for first 8 hours
Lamaze Room – Php2700 for first 2 hours; Php208 for every succeeding 30 mins.

Big Private Room (w/ golf course view) – Php 2800
– Phone, ref, cable TV, A/C, private bathroom, couch
Big Private Room     – Php 2500
– Phone, ref, cable TV, A/C, private bathroom, couch
Small Private Room – Php 2200
– Phone, ref, cable TV, A/C, private bathroom, couch
Semi-Private Room – Php 1500
-Phone, ref, cable TV, A/C, couch, common toilet room

So there you go, mission accomplished. Next on my to do list is complete my hospital/labor bag.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy!


  1. does the mom/couple need to have attended a birthing class to be able to use the lamaze room? or anyone giving birth can avail it?

  2. nope te chex, lamaze class isn’t required at cardinal santos unlike with other hospitals such as mmc (as far as i know). But we were able to download a lamaze class video 😉

  3. Almost the same pala ang price range ng Cardinal with St. Luke’s QC when it comes to rooms. This is really helpful information for future mom-to-be’s!

  4. Really sis? mas mahal nga lang yata ang PF ng mga St. Luke’s Ob’s I guess…

  5. Thanks for posting this, Nova! 🙂 Very helpful! 😀 “Found” you through the Manila WAHMs group. 😀 May I know how much it cost you all in all to give birth at Cardinal Santos? I gave birth to my first two kids via NSD, drug-free too without taking any lamaze classes nor watching any videos, haha! But that was in Timor Leste and I don’t know if there are hospitals here that will let me do the same! Right now, my OB is affiliated with Delgado Memorial Hospital in QC. 🙂

    1. Hi sis tina!
      WoW! what a high pain tolerance you have there. You were able to deliver via non-painless NSD without employing any technique. I’m impressed!
      Regarding your question, here’s the breakdown of our expenses:
      These were my fees with lamaze room and small private room (with cr) at Cardinal Santos..

      Professional Fee = 35k
      Baby Fee = 5k
      Mommy Fee = 46k
      Blood transfusion = 10k

      So all in all without blood transfusion, my total birthing fee is 86k only.
      Thanks for dropping by. I was looking into your blog before I introduced myself at WAHMgroup. You’re attending the Feast sis? We attend and serve at Feast Pasig =)

  6. jae

    hi! can you give a break down of the “baby fee” and the “mommy fee” thanks!:)

    1. Hi Jae,

      Sorry I don’t have the break down of the mommy fees anymore. But as far as I can remember it includes the room rate, lamaze room for 12 hours, the IV’s, gloves used etc. For the baby fee, I can’t remember what were included there.

  7. Rita

    Hi Nova! I’m on my 13th week and looking for a hospital/OB, we found TMC to be too expensive and crowded. I found them while looking for info about Dra. Carmela Madrigal-Dy, since I heard she is an advocate of natural birth and breastfeeding . Is she covered by Intellicare? Also, which pedia would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. The Family Woman

      Hi Rita! Congrats with your pregnancy! Yeah, we also didn’t choose TMC for the same reasons. I don’t have any idea if Dr. Carmela is covered by Intellicare. About pedia, I actually forgot who was our attending pedia back when I gave birth. Our present pedia is my ninang. Sorry, I’m not much of a help…

  8. Aiza marasigan

    Hi i love your posts. Im a preggy mommy and will soon give birth also in Cardinal Santos. This one really helps. By the way, if you have also a complete hospital checklist bag that you used before, can I ask for a copy? Appreciate your help very much. Thanks in advance

    1. Nova

      Hi Aiza, glad you found my posts helpful. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post a hospital bag checklist. But anyway, have a safe and wonderful childbirth!

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