INFJ Diary

On soul friends and close friends

Dear God,

I realized that Melbert is my soul friend. I’m not the type of person who talks about events or people, but majority of the time, when I talk, it’s always about ideas, realizations, and learnings. They could be from a book I read, a conversation I had with someone, or from the tv program that I watched. He’s the only person whom I can share all these things. He’s the only person I could talk with about psychological jargons, profound things in life, and completely non-sense stuff. I can’t be like this to just anyone. I am beyond thankful for giving me a life partner who can comprehend me intellectually and emotionally.

My next soul friend is my mom. She doesn’t get me intellectually, but she gets me emotionally, albeit not perfectly always, which is okay. I’m comfortable talking and blabbering with her, which I couldn’t do with others.

Then theres my college friends. They are my close friends who I hold dearly in my heart. Although we are busy with our own lives, we make it a point to meet and catch up with each other at least once a year. We talk about events in our lives, not necessarily deeper things. I value them because I can be my real self with them. I know that I can show my intellectual self if given an opportunity and as always, I can be my wacky self with them.

I am blessed and assured that my relationships with Melbert, my mom, and college friends are for the long haul. I’m hoping that it will be the same with some of my lector friends at the church. I may not be makwento with them, but I am content just listening and interacting with them.

Maybe I should also cultivate my friendship with You. I know I can tell you everything. Lately, I have neglected my relationship with you because at times, I don’t know how to relate with You. I am constricted on the “right” way to connect with you. Maybe I should just follow the natural traits You gave me, and not 100% based it from the laws that humans made.

It’s a bit hard because You don’t talk. Show me Yourself through the Bible and through the life You gave me. But I hope that with the help of your Holy Spirit, I’d be able to bond with you regularly. To talk with you about stuff I learned, or maybe just about my day.

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