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Our Family is on Daylio

Daylio is an app that allows you to log your thoughts, moods, feelings while engaging with certain activities and people. Basically it’s a diary, journal and mood tracker app.

Daylio also includes a feature that shows you the frequency of your entries based on your moods, people, and activities.

I started using Daylio last February when I began to be bothered by negative feelings such as sadness, existential anxiety and unmotivatedness. I wanted to track my moods and see how frequently do I feel these feelings. I also wanted to find out the usual causes or precursors of my negative moods.

Thankfully, after using Daylio for a few months I saw that I experience more positive moods than negative ones. This tells me that I have a tendency not to notice or cherish things that brought me joy, peace, and small achievements. Instead, I magnify those that cause me sadness and anxiety.

This is my March statistics:

My Daylio prompts kept on appearing on my celfone whenever my daughter uses my it. She would then be the one to write an entry, asking me what am I currently doing and what is my feeling.

Not long after, she followed suit by installing her own app on her tablet. She’s a very sensitive girl who experiences emotions and things strongly. I’m not surprised that logging her moods and activities attracted her. It helps her be aware of her positive emotions and manage her negative ones.

These are an example of her entries. I posted it with her permission of course.

From her entries, we can see that the things that make her happy are our goldfishes, Chichi our shihtzu, and playing among others.

The past weeks, my husband joined the wagon. He said he wanted to track his activities daily. He often wonders what he has been doing on some particular days.

Recently, I notice that they are more religious in logging their entries than me.

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