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Our Living Room

I have to admit: I’m not really aesthetically inclined. I think I wasn’t born with a knack for colors, texture, and form. That’s why I don’t trust my taste on decorating our home. So most of the time I have to check the internet to get an idea on how to spruce up something.

So anyways, I’ll still share with you our living room. Pardon the peeled off paint of our post, the little girl in the house did that.

I really wanted a minimalist living room, but it didn’t turn out that way because of the two tall plastic plants on the forefront. But I hope our living room has a feel of zen. Do you think it’s zen-like?

The colors, I think, follow zen – beige, brown, white, green, except for the curtain which seems out of place. I guess I should buy a new set of curtain.

Our living room didn’t look like this two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, there were no tall plastic plants standing beside our living room posts; there were also no pillows lying on the cream carpet. So it was pretty plain back then.

And then we had another trip to 999 mall in Divisoria, the same store from which I bought our plastic bamboo plant. I was actually meaning to buy these new items. Fortunately I got what I wanted. I shelled out 1150 php all in all – 300php for the pillows (including 6 pillow cases) and 850php for the plastic plant.

As of this arrangement, hubby and I are both happy and satisfied with the new look of our living room. But if you have a suggestion to make our sala look better, do share it 🙂


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