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Our Ministry: Lector and Commentator

It’s been more than three years since hubby and I started serving as lectors/commentators at Feast Pasig; I’m loving every moment of it.

Looking back when I was not a part of any ministry yet, I used to dream that I was serving as a lector; I used to imagine that I was proclaiming the Word of God at the altar. Just reminiscing all about it now, made my heart grateful.


Picture taking before the mass.


We meet every third Sunday of the month,  but recently hubby and I have been failing to attend.


Of course picture taking is always a part of it.


And finally, our photo after our 2013 Commissioning.

 Looking at the past three years, the Lord has been blessing our family with good health, financial freedom, fantastic relationships, wonderful friends, great opportunities. Truly when we serve God with our time and talent, He will always find a way to bless us. It may not always be in a form we would like it to be, but God always knows what’s better.

If God is calling you to serve him, “Harden not your heart.”

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