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Pediasure with Cute Lalaloopsy Freebies

Yesterday, our daddy bought 2 cans of pediasure with free lalaloopsy toys. Now she has 3 sets of them; and we have13 more sets to collect, LOL! Just kidding! Their promo is very timely as Yesha was able to discover Lalaloopsy videos in youtube just recently; and we all like the program.

Now we have new little toys to play with. Yesha named them Yeya, ate Maia and ate Reese.

We’ve been a satisfied Pediasure customers for two years now, ever since Yesha has contracted a primary complex. Although the milk is quite pricey, we can say that Yesha is hiyang with it: she’s gaining weight well; she has no constipation; and she loves the taste, vanilla flavor.

For two years, as far as I can remember, this is the first time that they have this kind of promo. I wish they will have more of this kind in the future!

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