Prestige Tower Ortigas Party Venue

Peso Power: 30, 400
Contact Details: Salou Jalandoni (0922-814-7341),, [email protected]
Package: 90 pax adults (310php) and 25 pax kids (100 php)

We held my daughter’s first birthday party at the roof deck of Prestige Tower in Ortigas. Out of all the party venues I checked in Ortigas that could house approximately 100 guests, I think this is by far the cheapest.

The function room we availed was enough to house our 100 guests. It was not crammed yet not too spacious either, but spacious enough for guests to move around.

Another thing we liked about holding this occasion here was that there’s an expansive parking space beside the building. So we didn’t worry about where our guests will park.

We reserved the 10am-2pm slot because the afternoon slot was already taken, and take note I made my reservation six months prior my daughter’s birthday. So the earlier you do your reservation the better. Thankfully, despite the morning slot we reserved,  almost all of our expected guests were able to come and celebrate with us.

The function room in roof deck is easy to spruce up too; and my balloon supplier did a fantastic job in decorating the venue.


Entrance to Function Room 2


Rates and Function Rooms

Prestige Tower has two fully air-conditioned function rooms.

Function Room 2 can accommodate up to 100 people with a rate of P2,000/hour.  It could be partially extended to Function Room 1 to accommodate 150 people, with a rate of P3,000/hour. If it will be fully extended to Function Room 1, it could accommodate 250 people, with a rate of P4,000/hour.

If you want to avail their function room for 4 hours, you  must have at least P30,000 (for Function Room 2) or P15,000 (for Function Room 3) worth of food catering booking (applicable only to adult menu and exclusive for 10% service charge).  In excess of 4 hours, standard rates will apply.


    • tables and chairs
    • mantle and tablecloths
    • flower arrangement for the buffet table
    • centerpieces for each table
    • stage
    • overhead screen
    • podium
    • sound system (amplifier, speakers, microphone)



In-House Catering

The in-house catering of occasions in Prestige Tower roof deck is being managed by Chow Unlimited. The contact person whom I transacted with was Ms. Salou. She was very accommodating and was easy to deal with. The transaction we had with her went smoothly and conveniently.

Another good thing about this venue and their catering was that, we were able to bring our DIY candy cart and extra iced tea with no corkage.

Yes, you can bring additional foods if you want – like lechon, extra dish or dessert. I remember we didn’t order for extra beverage, we just brought a pack of powdered iced tea, gave it to their waiters, and let them prepared it for us.

Here’s the details of the service we availed from them:

Peso Power: 30, 400
Contact Details: Salou Jalandoni (0922-814-7341),, [email protected]
Package: 90 pax adults (310php) and 25 pax kids (100 php)

 Hope that helps!


  1. Madrebonita

    I’ve read good feedback on Ms. Lhen, is she really that good? Does she speak in English fluently? Thanks.

    1. Hi Madrebonita,

      Ms. Lhen spoke tag-lish during our event. So I cannot answer your question if she speaks fluent in english.

      Thanks for dropping by =)

  2. Rhea

    Hello 🙂

    May I ask how the their food was? Masarap ba? Thanks

    1. hi rhea, =)

      Personally nasarapan ako sa food and si hubby din nasarapan =)

  3. Marico

    Hello nagbayad po b kau for the time spent nung nag set up ung balloon decor?

    1. Hi Marico,

      Wala ng separate payment for that. Merong 2-3 hours allotment for venue preparation before your event. =)

  4. Anna

    Hi! Thanks for the review. How much ang rate ng venue? Per hour ba yung rate? Allowed ba ang outside caterer? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Anna! You can check the rate of their function rooms here As far as I know, allowed naman sya. But if you avail their caterer too, magiging free yung venue rental. =)

  5. Len


    How about parking for guests?

    1. Hi Len, I’m sure you’ve already asked their staff about it 🙂 They have a large open parking space beside the building. For Mondays-Saturdays, one should pay for a parking fee, I forgot how much it is though. But if you will have your family occasion on a Sunday, parking is free. 🙂

  6. jamra

    Hi! I noticed that you have a picture of your baby made as a standee. Did you have it ordered/prepared by a supplier? do they have electricity fee for the photobooth? thanks

    1. Hi Jamra,

      The standee was just a DIY. We took my baby’s picture, printed it on a tarp, cut it, then fastened it on a cardboard. I’m not sure about the electricity of photobooth but you can inquire with Ms. Salou. =)

  7. Ree

    Hi! I would like to ask if Iko’s made the tiara with your daughter’s name on the cupcakes? I’m thinking of doing the same thing for my daughter’s bday on October…and I have been an avid Iko’s fan 🙂


    1. Hi Ree,

      Yep! It was all done by Iko’s Bakeshop. I love them too, I have my daughter’s second birthday cake done by them too 🙂 Good luck on your party preps =)

  8. icor

    Hi, I know I already know the answer to this pero para sure tanong ko pa din. Airconditioned yung venue yes? Lol. Thanks.

    1. Hi, it’s ok, air-conditioned naman yung venue sa prestige =)

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  10. Rhea

    Hi…who was ur baloon supplier…are they the one who set it up?.thanks

  11. Rhea

    Hi…who was ur baloon supplier…are they the one who set it up?.hmhanks

    1. The Family Woman

      Hi rhea, sorry for the super late reply. My supplier was Mr. Balloonatix… 🙂

  12. ghrace javier tario

    Hi this is Ghrace Javier.
    I really need to contact the person for this venue asap please inform me.. Thank you so much!!

  13. Joy Ann Mata


    Who should I contact for inquiries on the venue? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Would be glad to receive an email from you.

    Thank you!

    1. Nova

      Hi Ann,

      Here’s the contact details

      Contact Details: Salou Jalandoni (0922-814-7341),, [email protected]
      Package: 90 pax adults (310php) and 25 pax kids (100 php)

  14. jorexa

    Can we rent the function room without availing the catering package?

  15. giddycupcake

    Hi, question. Wala naman po bang problema sa pagpasok nung party decors nyo? Smooth lang po ba lahat? And let’s say yung pagprepare ng decor needs minimum of 4 hours prior to the party, allowed po ba silang pumunta na sa venue ? Can you tell me how and when nag prepare yung sa balloon setup po ninyo? Thank you! ♥

    1. Nova


      Yes, smooth naman yung pagpasok ng decor supplier namin… and yes they were allowed to prep up the venue prior the event. I just don’t know how and when they prepared the balloons. When we arrived at the venue, the decorations were 90% complete. I hope I answered your questions.

  16. Jiane manzano

    Hiwalay ba ang bayad sa room decor? Paano kapag namili ng theme for the party pero kayo magaayos.

  17. how was the food? do they offer tasting prior to the event?

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